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Today I am sharing with you two honest review of Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette with swatches. I did not do this review myself but I found two channels which I find that I could or would trust when it comes to reviewing certain products. The problem with most reviews nowadays is that everyone claims every product that they received is PERFECT just because they received it for free. There is a problem with the beauty community, once you give a review that claims the product is nothing but amazing, you are off the mailing list. When looking at this video I can see that the eyeshadows are crumbling on touch with the brushes, what I can say in my books is a no.

Honest review of Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette + swatches

Is the honest review of Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette honest? I would say the only thing you can see that the quality and pigmentation of the product. If you are looking for high quality and pigmentation, you go towards high end very expensive brands. If you are looking for personal use and cheaper products, then this will be ok. A thing to keep in mind, if you are not a makeup artist you will experience makeup product differently. I now buy quality over quantity. I would rather spend a bit more on one palette that I would use rather than get a cheaper product that offers more eyeshadows. The think to keep a look out when testing products ar the following:

  • Does it crumble on touch?
  • Pigmentation without primer
  • Does it stain?
  • Texture?
  • Why does it matter how fast a palette sells out? Does that imply quality?

Have a look at the two videos and let me know what you think.

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