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Holiday Gift Guide: Top 5 Must Have Sigma Brushes

Sigma Beauty Holiday Gift Guide Top Makeup Brushes to Gift


Sigma makeup brushes hasn’t been present on the market for long, but they have managed to achieve a huge success because Sigma provides the best quality and design for affordable prices. When I first heard about Sigma Beauty Makeup brushes, I couldn’t believe that a company would produce brushes of greatest quality and sell them below that price that could be charged for them. It just sounded too good to be true and I thought that it was only a good marketing campaign. That was until I gave Sigma a chance and never thought of purchasing makeup brushes from another brand again. I own almost all brushes that Sigma offers, but a few of them are essential, so if you want to start building your collection, you should begin with a Sigma Beauty brush set that you will create on your own. You can also use this selection of brushes by Sigma as the perfect holiday gift idea for a special friend.

F80 Flat Kabuki brush

Sigma Beauty face brushes: foundation brush and concealer brush

Any woman can apply face makeup with her fingers, but the result is totally different when a foundation and concealer brush is being use. Professional makeup brushes for the face provides flawless and radiant results. The standard foundation brushes are good enough, but nothing beats the effect achieved with a Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki brush. This Sigma Beauty brush for face is the best brush that I have ever tried. It is seriously great with BB creams, liquid and cream foundation formulas. It also works well with powder foundation, so if you are searching for a brush that you’ll use for universal foundation application, the F80 Flat Kabuki is all you need. When it comes to applying concealer, you will need a different type of brush that provides more coverage and reaches the area under the bottom lash line seamlessly. The P82 Precision Round brush for concealer has to be included in your personalized Sigma beauty brush set. Although it’s recommended for applying eye shadow primers and cream eye products, it is ideal for achieving flawless concealing around the nose and under the eyes.

P82 Precision Round

Sigma Beauty blush and contour brush

Your makeup brush set cannot be left without brushes for contouring and blushing. No makeup is complete without a blush, and the brush you use can make a huge difference. If you’re starting to build your makeup kit, you don’t need to spend money on different brushes for bronzer and blush application, because the F40 Large Angled Contour Sigma Beauty brush is perfect for application of both products. It costs only $16 and it does the job of two separate brushes. The soft rounded edges of the F40 brush provide enable subtle application of cheek products without leaving traces of unappealing edges. The size of this brush is perfect for both contouring and blush application.


F40 Large Angled Contour
E55 Eye Shading Brush

Essential Sigma Beauty eye brushes

There are many different eye brushes on the market, and a beginner can get confused with the choice. You don’t need too many brushes to achieve a nice eye makeup look, but you can’t do the job with only one eye brush, or God forbid – the sponge applicators featured in eyeshadow pallets. You need to get rid of those sponge applicators and supply only three essential Sigma beauty makeup brushes for eyes: an eye shading brush, a blending brush and a small eyeliner brush. Sigma offers a few shading brushes, but I find that the E55 Eye Shading Brush has the perfect dimensions that fit right over the eye lid. The dense and soft bristles of the E55 brush provide an even application and your eyeshadow will appear much more pigmented. You cannot leave an eyeshadow on your eyelids without blending it. You have to own at least one blending brush and you can start with the E25 Sigma Blending Brush. This blending brush is one of the best I have used because it provides controlled blending and it works perfectly for buffing the harsh eyeshadow lines and creating a professionally blended effect. Finally, you will need a brush that has a very delicate, precise and thin tip for the most precise eyeliner application. You may think that the applicator that comes with your eyeliner can do the job, but that’s probably because you haven’t tried the Sigma E10 Small Eye Liner brush. I have been using the E10 brush for some time now and I strongly recommend that one as the best eyeliner brush on the market.

E25 Sigma Blending Brush
E25 Sigma Blending Brush
E10 Small Eye Liner brush


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