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Heavy Rain PS3 game – REVIEW & HAUL

I started playing the game This Wednesday and I managed to solve the game by Friday (today). The game is short but it was intended to be played multiple times … keep this in mind ….

Each time you play.. something new happens.

The game is rated

  • M- Mature 17+
  • Blood
  • intense violence
  • nudity
  • sexual content
  • strong language
  • use of drugs

What is written below is a spoiler… even the plot info might be a spoiler… but probably isn’t

Heavy Rain is a dark interactive narrative game following a pretty brutal murder mystery story set in 2011. You alternately play with several different characters involved in various aspects of the overall plot.
You have 4 main character that dominate in the overall plot. What every you do will effect the outcome of the story.Your mission is to find the origami killer and save your/ a child.

The reason the game is called Heavy rain is because it is raining for, I think 7 days…. hmm can’t quit remember…

The killer is killing all of these kids because……hahaha I won’t tell… that would be to big of a spoiler 😉

I would say that the game is pretty dark it’s not for the weak at heart.
The story starts with you learning the ropes.You will have about several characters but only 4 main characters. The several characters are:

  • a journalist
  • the father of the missing child
  • FBI agent
  • Private eye (detective)
  • a brother of the killer (a few scenes)
  • the mother of the child ( a few scenes)

I think that was that ??? Can’t quit remember to be honest, since the main 4 characters do dominate.

Throughout out the game you can choose what you want to do, I was told that each action has a reaction to it meaning that this can cause one of your main characters to die.

The whole game is about you saving a drowning child from the origami killer.
It’s a thriller where you have to solve puzzles and figure out what the correct steps are.

In many scenes you can die and lose your character. I personally LOVED the scenes where the father of the child is being tested. Why?
Well because you had a choice to do a task or not do the task. I have done all the tasks except the last one … When you play the game you’ll know why I refused to do the last task.
I like how the game was light and fun to do… I didn’t have a hard time figuring things out.

The things that I didn’t like
I had a hard time controlling my characters. Sometimes the character would go in a totally different direction.
The camera view was BAD BAD BAD…. I had 2 views and this sometimes made my character miss a few clues… luckly by pure chance I noticed a few more things that I could do when playing the game ..
Throughout the game you collect trophies.

The other thing I didn’t like was when I was the FBI character I got the good cop trophy and I wanted to become the bad cop and I couldn’t 🙁
Kinda disappointing ….

Things that I enjoyed 

 I was actually taking the clothes of the other character… it reminded me of second life or the Sims….
one of my main characters was taking drugs…. I had the choice to say no ….
I didn’t have to perform every task give … but of course that did influence on my characters destiny…
and many other scenes like that made me laugh and enjoy the game ….

Oh and I managed to kill one of my main characters and by mistake someone killed some guy that could have helped me 🙁 … what if he didn’t die 🙂

Overall the game was excellent. I will play it once more and see what happens.

I would rate the game: 9/10

One thing I really liked…. I had no idea who the killer was till the very end ….:)
2 thumbs up just for that … it was EXTREMELY HARD to figure out the killer….

All Trophies (SPOILERS)……..

HEAVY RAIN Master: Unlock all trophies

Happy Birthday: Prologue – Complete the drawing + Set the table + Play with kids

Interactive Drama: Thank you for supporting Interactive Drama

Good Father: Father and Son – Follow the schedule with Shaun and put him to bed in a good mood.

White Knight: Sleazy Place – Beat Troy

Private Eye: Sleazy Place – Lead Lauren to talk about her son

FBI investigator: Crime Scene – Find all clues related to the Origami Killer in the scene

Good Friends: The Park – Play two games with Shaun successfully and buy him candy

Got to Remember! : Welcome, Norman! – Remember the time it was at the park and what Shawn was wearing

For more click here ( I mean why write them when someone else did an excellent job doing it already)


Do I recommend this game?

WHY? It’s fun… It’s a relatively short game that you can play over and over again and a different outcome can happen every time… Now, that is cool and relatively hard to do …

Enjoy if you need any tips or advise about the game ask away…

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