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HAUL – Alessandro express nail hardener – REVIEW

Hard fingernails in only four weeks!

alessandro International is a nail care specialist and has developed a nail care system that rebuilds nails especially quickly and provides them with the right type of care. With its iron and calcium complex and its essential oils, the Express System helps you to get resilient and strong nails in only four weeks!
Day & Night Nail Hardener System is the name of the miracle weapon in the fight against brittle and soft nails. Express Nail Hardener and Express Nail Repair Pen are the names of the two experts for dreamy, strong, and resistant nails. Their highly effective mineral and vitamin complexes stabilize nails from the inside out and also provide nails with more elasticity. The Express product line is completed with the Express Cuticare Pen: It supplies cuticles and nails with all of the essential care and nutrients needed by both to be healthy and strong.

REVIEW: Alessandro express nail hardener

PROS: It really works 🙂 Just stick to the program


PRICE: It’s pricey, yes BUT you have it for the full 4 weeks if not 5


Would you recommend this product: YES, YES, YES and YES

I have been using this product for the past 4 years it was recommend to me by a friend.
My nails have never been this hard. The product does what it says it will in 4 weeks.
I am super satisfied. I have not used the pen so I don’t know anything about it but the nail hardener works

If you have Soft Fragile Nails that break crack and chip or peel. Nails that just wont grow without breaking and you want Longer Stronger Harder healthy nails. Fast results.
Then you want this product!!!

 A picture of my nail without a flash. You can see the nail hardener is clear.

*This product was bought by me. I was not paid to give a review of this product.

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