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Venetian Mask Halloween Makeup Tutorial

If you read my Monday post, Halloween Makeup theme: Venetian Mask Halloween Makeup Tutorial, then you will know that this is a continuation of it. This Mask is made fully out of Halloween makeup not 3D effect. It’s basically the same as the first one but with out all the frills. I made this just in case you do not like to glue stuff on your face you can still draw something and make it look like a Halloween makeup mask. For details on what I Halloween makeup used in order to make this mask please make sure to read my previous post that also has a video tutorial includued, Halloween collaboration mask post and you will find all the details in that post with the original video which you must see in order to complete this makeup look. To achieve this look I of course used my favorite makeup brushes from Sigma.

Venetian Mask Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2013

Ako ste pročitali moj Halloween make up post iz ponedeljka – Venetian Mask Halloween Makeup Tutorial, onda ćete znati da je ovo samo nastavak tog posta. Ovo je ustvari prva maska no sa jednostavnijim pristupom. Kada sam orginalno radila Halloween make up masku, htjela sam za suradnju napraviti kompliciranu verziju, no također sam uzela u obzir da neki ljudi ne vole ljepiti išta po licu. Tako da sam isto vremeno odmah napravila verziju za koju netrebate ništa osim šminke. Za sve detalje molim da pročitate moju post o Halloween makeup Suradnji tema: Maske.

Venetian Mask Halloween Makeup Tutorial Products

  • Essence waterproof eyeliner (black) / vodootporno crni tuš za oči

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