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Halloween Venetian Masks Halloween Makeup Tutorial

The newest Halloween video is a bilingual and it will be my Halloween Venetian Masks Halloween Makeup Tutorial. I will be speaking in the video both English and Croatian.  This Halloween I wanted to do something fun so I decided to do a collaboration with Nails for fun and Maybe’s new start.  Our theme was Masks. I decide to use makeup and recreate a venetian style mardi gras Halloween face smak.  Basically anything mask related. I wanted to make this fun so I decided to join in the fun and do a collaboration since makeup is always more fun when collaborating. Here is a picture of Nails for fun. Make sure to visit her blog post or click on the pictures to be redirected to the post to find out how to get this amazing nail art for halloween.

Halloween Venetian  Masks Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Najnoviji Halloween video, Halloween Venetian Masks Halloween Makeup Tutorial,  je “dvojezičan”, a to znači da unutar video očekujte da ćujete mene kako pričam na hrvatski i na engleski. Ove godine za noć vještića (Halloween) odlučila sam napraviti suradnju da nam bude zabavnije :o) Suradnju sam napravila sa: Maybe’s new start i Nails for fun.  Naša tema je bila maske. Evo slike od Nails for fun, obavezno postjetite nje blog post o ovoj temi da saznate kako je napravila ove predivne nokte. Ako pritisnete sliku ispod odmah će Vas preusmjeriti na nje post/članak. 

Halloween Venetian Masks Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Here is a picture of Maybe’s New Start inspired look for Halloween Venetian  Masks Halloween Makeup Tutorial. Make sure to check out her YouTube video tutorial and blog post for details for this amazing mask for Halloween. Evo slike of Maybe’s New Start. Obavezno posjetite nje YouTube video tutorijal i blog post da biste saznali kako postići ovaj predivna look za noć vještića.

Halloween Venetian Masks Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Here is the last, mine, of the trio collaboration of Halloween Face Masks Halloween Makeup Tutorial. Underneath the picture you will find the details on what products I used at what point in the video. Make sure to view the video for full howto details. As I mentioned in the video, my look has 2 options. Look one is where you can use a black eyeshadow on the lower lids and look 2 is where you can use a red eyeshadow on your bottom lids. Feel free to skip any part. Ribbon and rhinestones are optional.  NOTE: I forgot to add in the video that I used the Mehron Barrier Spray and Fake Lashes.

Halloween Venetian  Masks Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Evo napokon i moje slike iz ove suradnje za Halloween Venetian Masks Halloween Makeup Tutorial. Ispod mojih slika naći ćete detalje o proizvodima. Obavezno pogledajte video da vidite kako postići ovaj izgleda. Kao što sam napomenula u video uratku, moja maska ima dvije opcije. Da bi ste postigli prvi look, onda morate nanijeti crno sjenilo na donjim kapcima. Da biste postigli drugi look, onda trebate koristiti crveno sjenilo na donjim kapcima. Sve ostale detalje na maski su stvari osobno odabira. Ako želite možete koristiti crvene plastične kristale (hobby shop) na licu.  Napomene: tek sam sada vidila da sam u video uratku zaboravila nadodati da sam koristila Mehron barrier spray i da sam stavila umjetne trepavice.

(look 1 / 1 opcija)
(look 2 / 2 opcija)
Halloween Venetian  Masks Halloween Makeup Tutorial products
  • Eberhard Faber -face paint / boje za lice
  • Mehron barrier spray
  • Ribbon, feathers and red rhinestones / crna traka, perje, crvene plastične kristale (hobby shop)
  • Pure Luxe Cosmetics – Hi Ho Sliver & Tawny
  • Duo Adhesive – Clear
  • NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil – Milk
  • Essence Quatro eyeshadow – #07 Party Animal
  • Coastal Scents – 88 palette
  • Ben Nye Liquiset
  • NYX Glitter – golden
  • Duo Adhesive
  • Fake Lashes
  • Essence No limits Volume waterproof mascara
BRUSHES / Kistevi / Četkice

What is Halloween?
For me personally, Halloween is the only holiday (expect Christmas) that I love more then life. It’s a holiday where ugly is the goal and scary is the result. It’s a fun harmless holiday where we are allowed to laugh and scare each other and enjoy wearing costumes and over dosing in candy and some in alcoholic beverages.
But realistically, Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated on October 31, primarily in the United States, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Its roots are in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holiday, it used to be know as All Saints’ Eve. Today it’s a world wide spread holiday.
Common Halloween activities are trick-or-treating, wearing costumes and going to Halloween costume parties, carving jack-o’-lanterns, ghost tours or haunted houses, bonfires, apple bobbing, telling ghost stories or other frightening tales, and watching horror movies.

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