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Graftobian HD Lip Color Super Palette Beauty Product Review

Graftobian HD Lip Color Super Palette beauty product review is amazing. I have been using this palette continuously since I received it. I use the product sometime before I give a full honest review. The lip colors are amazing and super pigmented. I have no issues with this Graftobian HD Lip Color Super Palette beauty product review applying these lip colors on myself or others. It has a creamy texture. I’ve used the lip colors with many various looks, the color is durable and compliments every skin tone. The palette is intended for professionals, so it’s mainly used for photo shoots, fashion and TV/film. More details my Graftobian HD Lip Color Super Palette beauty product review (video review).

Graftobian lip palette beauty product review

This Graftobian HD Lip Palette beauty product review will tell you why this is a must have amongst professional photo and video MUAs. This palette offers a wide range of colors, the only color that it’s missing based on my own humble opinion is an orange shades. The Graftobian HD Lip palette beauty product review was written after I already wrote a post on the Graftobian HD cream foundation, please read it if you are interested in Graftobian HD foundations. Below you will be able to see makeup swatches from the  Graftobian HD Lip Color Super Palette. The swatched were taken in the shadow and on direct sun light just so you can see the different of each Graftobian HD Lip Color Super Palette beauty product review lip color.

Graftobian Lip Color Palette Beauty Product Review

The Graftobian HD Lip Color Super Palette beauty product review offers a High Definition (HD) Glamour Cremes and Lip Colors. This Makeup artist friendly Super Lip Palette includes 18 beautiful highly pigmented lip shades. This is a very convenient way for the serious makeup artist to use and travel the HD lip cremes. Formulated to yield flawless High Definition results whether or not you’re in front of a camera. The Graftobian HD Lip Color Super Palette beauty product review is a professional, long lasting durable lip color, ideal for print and film work. This long lasting formulation yields a truly fine professional lipstick. Makeup Artists marval at the durability and the color range, especially in the natural print media fashion shades. Each lip color is available to buy individually from the Graftobian HD Lip Color Super Palette. This is the official description of the Graftobian HD Lip Color Super Palette beauty product review.

Graftobian Lip Palette beauty product review summary. 

This Graftobian HD Lip Color Super Palette beauty product review, really is a beautiful palette that contains main really beautiful lip colors. I do feel that the palette is missing a few shades like, orange, yellow, blue, white and black so that each professional makeup artist could mix and match the shades that they want. There are also two lip glosses that are not to glossy and do not tamper the other lip colors. This Graftobian HD Lip Color Super Palette beauty product review, is not long lasting as stated on the website. When you eat and drink the color will bleed and be very easily removed. But, if you do not eat or drink the color really is long lasting and will last and not fade or crack. The lip colors are very cream and easily manipulated with. If you have any other questions about this Graftobian HD Lip Color Super Palette beauty product review just ask.

A list of Lip Colors:

L to R : 1 ROW

  • Vanilla Spice Lipgloss
  • Coco Glaze Lipgloss
  • Sandalwood (#88297)
  • Kiss Me (#88214)
  • Runway (#88224)
  • Spice (#88222)


  • Nude (#88292)
  • Garnet (#88295)
  • Soft Cherry (#88294)
  • Plum Wine (#88296)
  • Fashionista (#88225)
  • Mahogany (#88221)


  • Autumn Rust (#88290)
  • Couture (#88230)
  • Dorothy (#88219)
  • Ebony (#88291)
  • Savage (#88220)
  • Red (#88217)
Swatched from left to right
Red, Savage, Ebony, Dorothy, Couture, Autumn Rust, Mahogany, Fashionista, Pum Wine, Soft Cherry, Garnet, Nude, Spice, Runway, Kiss me, Sandalwood
Above lip colors
TOP lip gloss: Vanilla spice;
LOWER lip gloss: Coco Glazeon direct sunlight

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