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Get your skin ready for Valentine’s Day (skin care tips)

get your skin ready for valentine's day makeup tutorial

Winter is a season that is not only known for its cold, snow, and holidays. On a day to day basis winter is known as the dry skin season. Have you noticed that when it gets cold your skin gets dry or drier? This is not due to the cold, but to heating. No matter what kind of heating you use, it will dry out your skin. Some people only experience a tightening or mild dryness of the skin on their face, hands or feet. Others have serious problems with dry skin that can result in the skin cracking, flaking, and even developing eczema. Some people that already have psoriasis or eczema will surely get worse cases during the cold winter months. What can be done about this? If you would like to protect your skin from the cold, and maintain its moisture, and health, then follow our winter skin care tips to help you retain the healthy glow of your skin. When your skin is perfectly healthy and moisturized, you can proceed to paint your perfect canvass with the wonderful eye-shadow and lipstick colors from BH Cosmetics and Sigma Beauty.

Skin care tips – moisturize

To keep your skin healthy and moist throughout the winter, the best thing to do is seek out a skin specialist. If you have sensitive skin, or have another skin problem that requires special attention, visit a dermatologist or an esthetician who can analyze your skin, see what skin type you have, and go over your skin care regimen. He will then be able to give you advice on what products to use, and give you a few skin care tips for winter. Another thing you should do, and your dermatologist will concur, is to moisturize more. You should find a moisturizer that is oil-based in order for it to create a layer on your skin for protection, and for retaining more moisture in your skin. Certain ‘night creams’ contain such oils, but make sure these oils are non-clogging oils, such as mineral oil, avocado oil, almond oil, or primrose oil.

Skin care tips for winter – sun protection

Your skin also needs to be protected from the sun during the winter. The combination of the sun with the glare from snow will damage your skin as much as the summer beach sun will. Always remember to apply a sunscreen with a broad spectrum of protection on any exposed skin, like the hands, face, and neck. Check out the BH Cosmetics and Sigma Beauty sites for more skin care tips, and browse through the wonderful new bright colored products that both cosmetic companies offer.

Winter skin care tips – cleaning

In the winter, try to avoid using very hot water when bathing. The best thing to do is use lukewarm water when taking long baths with a few drops of tea tree oil or glycerin. Instead of an alkaline based soap, use yogurt and ground gram, or use soap with high moisturizing elements. Always use chap stick for protecting your lips, or coconut oil to treat hardened skin, and remember to drink a lot of water and eat plenty of fruit. Wear cotton socks and gloves when going outside.

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