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Flormar Eye Shadow Palette Beauty Product Review

Beauty Product Review of Flormar’s Eye Shadow Palette is finally here. I seriously have to publish one review a week. So this week we will focus on this long awaited review. I bought the Flormar eyeshadow palette a while back when I was into my bright color palette search. I wanted to write this Flormar beauty product review since I have the Coastal scent 88 palette and I know it’s basically the ones you can find on ebay. I have a big problem buying those palette since I do not full trust the ingredient listing not do I think that all the colors pay off. I want to invest in basic color and build a good and high quality makeup collection. So this Flormar beauty product review is on the way.

Pros of Flormar’s beauty product review!

The pros to this Flormar beauty product review is that the colors are really pigmented and the palette is very reasonable. This might be the first reason why I bought the palette. I researched online looking for some eye shadows and I found Flormar. After looking at many swatches and reading beauty product review I wanted to out Flormar’s eyeshadow palette to the test. The color is very pigmented even without a primer but like most eye shadow you get the most color payoff with a primer, especially with a white primer. When using bright or colorful eye shadows I do advise you use a white base or primer to really make that color pop. So this would be the pros of flormars beauty product review.

Cons of Flormar’s beauty product review?!

Cons of Flormar’s beauty product review is another thing most people want to read. To be fully honest, I cannot seem to find one thing. I eye shadows, at least my palette, minor fall outs when picking up some eyeshadows, it has a very nice and silky texture so it glides on and with a primer it lasts a long time. The eyeshadows since they are silkier they also blend with an ease. I basically have not encountered a problem with them The con’s of Flormar’s beauty product review is basically for now a no go. Even the prices are good. I can say that this would be a good substitute for anyone that cannot get their hands on wet n wild cosmetics or even sleek. Even though sleek products are more on the al natural side. I am very happy that I finally managed to find a cosmetics brand that offers good products for a very reasonable price. I think that the color payoff is so much better than from the Coastal Scents 88 palette. So there is no cons of Flormar’s beauty product review, at least not for now.


Beauty product review conclusion

So, now we can conclude this beauty product review. Over all so far with everything that I have reviews from Flormar, glitter liquid eyeliner, neon eyeshadow, foundation… I have been more than satisfied. I do advise this to even professionals and the common woman that loves to do makeup. The Flormar beauty product review has yet again passed my test. I am very happy that Flormar managed to impress me and I am more than happy that there is a more affordable brand out there that isn’t costing me or others a leg and an arm. I do recommend you check out the beauty product review Flormar eyeshadow.

Do you have this palette? Are you happy with it?

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