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First MAC Cosmetics shop in Croatia Zagreb

MAC Cosmetics Zagreb Croatia

Let the Croatian makeup lovers rejoice, the day has finally come when MAC cosmetics lovers are going to be falling to their knees are praising the Lord that one of the world’s biggest and well known makeup brand amongst makeup lovers and professional and freelance makeup artist is finally coming to Croatia, Zagreb. Company Orbico Beauty is important MAC Cosmetics in Croatia in the upcoming months. I assume they will have a shop open before the year ends or at the beginning of 2015. 

MAC Cosmetics Zagreb Croatia by 2015?

The only news we currently have on the opening of MAC in Zagreb Croatia, is that the shop will be located downtown, a central location. Here are a few questions which I hope I will get an answer to with time.

  1. Will they offer PRO discount? If so, will it be the standard discount? 
  2. Will they offer limited edition collections or the collections intended for the EU and USA (Croatia IS part of the EU)?
  3. Will they have MAC makeup school? 
  4. Will they have a sale on opening day? 
  5. How big will this shop be?
  6. Will you be able to get your makeup done in the shop?
  7. What is the price range?
  8. How can you get a job at MAC? What are the qualification?
  9. .. so many questions

Do they have an official facebook fan page? Not to my knowledge. So, I am not sure how I will get this information nor what form of advertisment they have in mind. The only information I found about someone confirming that MAC cosmetics will open in Zagreb Croatia is at I do not know where they got their information since it wasn’t stated. 


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