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Finally got what I ordered… but…. :(

So, I have been waiting for my DUO adhesive and when I finally got it I was soo excited.

With the Duo adhesive glue I got some pigment sample. 
what was cool 😀 
so, I went back to my ebay seller and rated them with a positive feedback with out testing the product.
The following day I went to test this well known adhesive and to my surprise something was wrong. 
I opened the adhesive tested the product on my hand … 
It didn’t become sticky … it didn’t become anything…. It seemed as if it was normal glue watered down. 
I retested it 3 times to be sure. 
So, I contacted the seller and told them that something is wrong with the glue. 
The seller zinkcolorbeauty, contacted me back and ask me to ship it back to them so that theycan ship it back to the factory… and after the factory claims that something is wrong with the product they will refund or reship the product….
Ummmm ok sure…. That process will take me about 2 months??? if not more… 
So, I’m pissed off and am just going to buy the some other adhesive 

the other product that I bought was a swimsuit that turned out great 🙂 
can’t wait to start swimming next week 😀 

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