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Fashion Monday: Jessica Alba New York Fashion Week 2013 Inspired Look

Jessica-Alba-New-York-Ralph-Lauren-Black-Cropp-and-Sweater-Pink-Skirt-and-black-ankle-strap-sandals New York Fashion Week 2013

Fashion Monday: Inspired Look Jessica Alba

I wanted to start my Fashion Monday inspired looks as something new since I love seeing what celebrities are wearing and find my own inspiration there. The first Fashion Monday inspired look would be  Jessica Alba during New York Fashion Week 2013. You can see here in the picture above where is a wearing a black cropped sweater top and a beautiful ballerina like long skirt, a baby pink chiffon skirt and to complete the look she wore these beautiful black strap shoes. Also in addition to the look she was sporting black cat sunglass (classic 50s sunglasses) and a glossy black handbag.

Jessica Alba New York Fashion Week 2013

Overall this Jessica Alba New York Fashion Week 2013 look seems to have been inspired by Breakfast at tiffany’s. I love the look and hope to find something online to recreate this look! The sunglasses are for sure on my wishlist! I love the nude lips that she is sporting also. This look with warmer shoes is a beautiful Fall Fashion 2013 look. 

Do you like the look?


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