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A good skin care tip for a well hydrated skin is a facial that exfoliates, cleans and nourishes the skin. It is not a coincidence that the facial is the most popular treatment in a spa center right after massages.

Facial as a good skin care tip

If you want to take good care of your skin, you should consider a facial. A facial is a good skin care tip because after that your skin will look glamorous. It should start with cleansing. Every facial begins with sponges and cotton pads dipped in a product especially chosen for your type of skin (dry, oily, normal, sensitive, mature, combination)  that are used for cleansing. After that the esthetician will analyze your skin. They cover your eyes and use a magnifying lamp that reveals all types of skin conditions. Exfoliation is next in the process. Chemical or mechanical exfoliant is used. If necessary, extraction of whiteheads and blackheads can be applied. Be careful with the extraction, because it can be painful and uncomfortable. In order to stimulate your facial muscles and skin and relax you as well, the esthetician will give you a facial massage. After the massage, you get a facial mask according to your skin condition and type. Next in line is application of protective creams and toners and a free advice on home skin care.

A skin care tip to retell to your friends

When it comes to professional facials, they should be given only by licensed estheticians that have a special training in skin care. They may be called facialists and aestheticians as well. Always look for an esthetician who loves their work and has a great knowledge in the field. Sometimes a cosmetologist can give you a facial, but have in mind that they are not the best choice because their main focus is hair training. A facial can be e a little expensive, but you have to know that it is totally worth it. It should become a skin care tip that you will retell to your friends.

A skin care tip regarding how often you should get a facial

Usually, every person is different and everything varies from an individual to an individual. However, a recommended skin care tip is to get a facial once a month. The skin needs one month to regenerate. Or at least get a facial four times a year. Your skin should recuperate when the season changes. If you have some skin condition or you try to clear acne, at the beginning you will have to do it more frequently. In an acne facial, you will get more extractions. Oxygen facial is when you get pure oxygen directly to the dermis. A collagen facial is an anti aging treatment and special collagen is placed on the skin. Vitamin C is also used in the anti ageing treatment. One separate light treatment is a photo facial that is done in order to achieve some particular results in treating acne or boosting collagen

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