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DIY Inglot Pan Picker (by Enkore)

Enkore talking about his DIY project

Here is this amazing Pan Paker by Enkore. I LOVE this and everyone that has an Inglot palette should make it. This is a easy and simple way to remove your eyeshadow palette from the Inglot eyeshadow palette. Most people damage their eyeshadows trying to remove the eyeshadows. I personally refused to buy Inglot because of this sadist palette. I find that they are rejecting new customers because of this. I will never buy Inglot as long as they force you to buy there palettes instead of individual eyeshadows which you can place in your own magnetized palettes.


  • Gejba

    I simply bought strong magnet for removing Inglot eyeshadows. But blushes are a PITA. 😀

    Actually – they sell individual eyeshadows in most of the countries … Croatia being one of the rare exceptions. :S

    • Smashinbeauty

      I know, I sent Inglot in the UK a letter asking why they have different rules when everywhere else in the world it’s the same? Inglot said they would look into it. I was very angry when I saw that they do not follow their new general rules and regulations.

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