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DIY Freestyle MAGNETIZED eyeshadow makeup Palette

DIY Freestyle magnetic makeup palette

DIY Freestyle magnetic makeup palette I decided to share with you a video that I made on my laptop a few days ago on how to Make your own freestyle palette… it would take you max 20 mins to make this palette.

Do It Yourself DIY Magnetized Makeup Palette free style

DIY Freestyle magnetized makeup palette

DIY freestyle magnetized makeup palette you need to use a flexible self adhesive magnetic sheet, which you can cut. Make sure that the magnet sheet isn’t too thick so that it can fit in the palette and still leave room for the metal pans. I bought mine on ebay for my free style magnetized makeup palette a magnet and I am very satisfied with the magnet power. Also make sure that the magnet is STRONG – VERY STRONG so that the pans don’t fall out when you open the palette. The video provides you with all the details you need to know on how to do it. With only 5 steps you can make a makeup palette

All you need are: 

  • 1 – A4 self adhesive magnetized paper (be sure that you buy a good one, many bad ones out there)
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 empty palette
  • *super glue if necessary



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