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DIY Blouse Dress

DIY Blouse Dress

Today’s awesome post is another in season post. Its a DIY Blouse Dress that is perfect for this pre-summer weather and temperatures. Today’s DIY post was made by youtube guru DamaV425. I am a huge fan of Blouse Dresses but since they can be kind of expensive and I can’t find the print that I want. I decided to search online and find something that I do like. So I found that it’s quite easy to make your own DIY Blouse Dress. 

Easy DIY Blouse Dress

The products that you will need for this DIY Blouse Dress are the following items:

  • button up shirt 
  • measuring tape
  • marking pencil or chalk (for clothes)
  • fabric for the bottom part of the dress
  • sowing machine
  • scissors

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