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If you believe that any image(s) on smashinbeauty.com should not be here (for any reason) please contact us with the correct information, copyright documentation and other relative documentation. Read the revised FTC rulings HERE

PR & Brands

Even though the majority of products reviewed on SmashinBeauty’s site were purchased, SmashinBeauty accepts PR products from brands, affiliates and PR representatives. PR products received are considered as gifts, not a form of compensation in exchange for a review. If you wish to send us a PR sample but want us to review it within a specific time frame, a sponsored post is required. SmashinBeauty’s does not have a editorial timeline for PR products. SmashinBeauty does not accept content that needs to be pre-approved by PR representatives, affiliates and/or brands.

**Videos are extremely time consuming and require a lot of work and effort, only sponsored videos are considered. 

**PR posts and/or products that wish to impose any limitations are only eligible to be sponsored posts. 

Affiliate Links & Advertising

Where possible, SmashinBeauty is supported by affiliate links, paid advertisements and sponsored posts. Affiliate links do not make any revenue if they are clicked on. Affiliate links only make a tiny revenue if a sale has been made (and it’s used to run the website). Sponsored posts do not constitute any form of contract to publish a favorable review. Brand or PR representative will ask for me to publish a pre-written post, and these posts will be labeled with a disclosure as “Sponsored” at the end of the post. All links within such a post must carry a rel=”nofollow” tag.

Commenting Policy

Comments left by readers do not reflect the views of SmashinBeauty. Comments with relevant links to the post will be left intact others will be removed.

Key for type of post:

PR Sample: The product reviewed is a PR sample directly from the manufacturer or a PR company. I have not guaranteed a favorable review in return for a PR sample. I give my 100% honest review. This post might, but may not contain affiliate links.

Sponsored Post: This post is a sponsored post which either contains pre-made content, news or is a review presented with limitations such as a compensation or a limited time when the post should be published. This post might contain links which are not affiliate links.

PR Giveaway Prize – products featured in this post were received as a giveaway prize.

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