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Cut crease makeup tutorial

Cut crease makeup tutorial

Today’s tutorial is a how to cut crease makeup tutorial using makeup geek and urban decay eyeshadows. This is a very simple tutorial which anyone can recreate. It’s very detailed so that no matter what level of makeup you are you will be able to learn how to do it right. I plan to make other similar tutorials in the future if you like tutorials like this. I will list the products which I used below and hope that it helps you get an idea what products you have at home you can use.

Cut crease makeup tutorial

I hope that you like his cut crease makeup tutorial and that it is somehow helpful. Here are the products that I used in the video. Some of the products have clickable links so that you can see swatches. I will also place at the bottom of the post, links to the websites where you can buy the products. I do not make any revenue from you clicking these links.

You can check out the following products on these site: Makeup Geek and Sigma Beauty 

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