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Creating A Great Media Kit for Your Blog

As I wrote in my previous post Blog Media Kit, a blog media kit can be a one pager or a few pages long. This will depend on your blog. After reading up on the importance of a media kit, it’s time to find out what to write about more in more details in a blog media kit. These are my tips for creating a great media kit for your blog. I will for sure have more follow up posts concerning Blog media kits. Since I have attended quite a few blog conferences where this information has been shared liberally. Throughout the post, I have made examples of some of the points.

Creating A Great Media Kit

So here are my top 10 tips for creating a great media kit. Today I’m sharing a more detials reference to what to include in your media kit. Last week you might have read my short DIY killer media kit.

  1. BIO – In this section you need to describe your role as the blog’s owner and content creator. It’s also recommended that you include a picture of yourself. Here is my example of my old blog media kit. I example who I am and what is my website’s focus.  It can be longer if you wish, but don’t make it to long. Bio example media kit
  2. STATS – you want to show your average number of unique visitors per month and average number of pageviews per month. It’s also recommended by some blog experts to show the level of engagement on your blog, i.e.- comments, shares, pins…etc.
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA NUMBERS – Make sure to share all your social media sites (that you are active on) and the number of followers you have on each site. If you send regular newsletters to your reader, then include the number of email subscribers you have. You can include yearly stats, quarterly stats…etc. Example, the chart I made below as an example for this based on other social media stats which other bloggers have made. It can contain more or less statistics. Untitled
  4. CONTACT INFO – Name, e-mail, skype, phone number…etc. Just add any form of contact that you prefer to be reached by.
  5. SERVICES – Do you offer services? Such as sponsored posts? Product reviews? Twitter parties? Consultation? Etsy shop? tutorials? …etc. It’s helpful to include links to examples of these services, such as product reviews, sponsored post…etc. Don’t forget to include your rates or you can add that you need to be contacted in order to get rates. Untitled2

7. LIFESTYLE INFO – Sometimes it helps to include your personal information in your blog media kit, such as:

  • Where you live (city/country)
  • Age
  • Relationship status
  • Allergies (if applicable)
  • Pets (if applicable)

8.  READERSHIP DEMOGRAPHICS – details about your audience. You can get unique information about your readers by posting regular readership surveys.

  1. f VS m percentage
  2. Age
  3. Countries
  4. Income level
  5. Education Status
  6. What they like about your site

9. RECOMMENDATIONS – post previous brands you have worked with. If possible, get them to write a review about your collaboration. Also, make sure to write about current brands you are working with. This is important for some brands.

10. BLOG INTEREST –  What are most of your posts about? What products do you use a lot? What are your hobbies?

11. PRESS – Have you been featured anywhere? Interviews, videos, news appearances.. Include where, when and links if possible.

media 1

Do you have a Media Kit? Leave a comment with a link to your Blog Media Kit!

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