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Coldplay ft. Rihanna Princess of China Video Makeup Tutorial

Here is my interpretation of the new upcoming Coldplay ft Rihanna’s Princess of China Video Makeup Look. I just saw a few hours ago, her makeup look online and said! Yes! Let’s give it a Go! I will list a list of products that I have used below as usual. Also I will write as to how to get this look since it’s so simple that a video makeup tutorial really isn’t required for Rihanna Princess of China. I hope that you like it! So her it is an inspired look from the new upcoming video makeup look that I am sure will be an absolute hit! I mean Rihanna and Coldplay I cannot even start to imagine what they are going to sound like together. I really am looking forward to Coldplay ft. Rihanna Princess of China Video. Here is the Makeup Tutorial. 

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STEP 1. Apply eyeliner a bit thicker and in a cat eye like manner. Basically this is a standard cat eyeliner look that is just a bit more thicker. Lady Gaga has done many eyeliner looks like this.

STEP 2. Cover the outer part of your eyebrows. After you have covered and concealed them, out line your eyebrows with a black eyeliner pulling up and away from the natural shape. You want to get a, I guess, cat like or shocking eyebrow look! Make sure to go over the eyeliner to set it with a black eyeshadow to avoid the eyeliner bleeding. As you can see I followed the natural shape and thickness of my eyebrows, while Rihanna has made her eyebrows very thin.

STEP 3. Your skin should look perfect and almost porcelain

STEP 4. Contour your cheeks

STEP 5. Highlight your cheek bones! To get a dewy and perfect skin effect.

STEP 6. Apply a red lipstick on your lips!

STEP 7. Apply mascara

Your Done

Product list:

  • Sigma Brushes Performance Kit (review) 
  • ELF Black cream eyeliner
  • NYX smokey eye set
  • Rimmel Glam Eyes mascara
  • Graftobian HD Lip Color Super Palette (review)
  • Bourjouis Healthy Mix Foundation
  • Graftobian HD Powder (I used darker shade for contouring)
  • Mememe Cosmetics Beat the Blues

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