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Clarins Hydraquench Cream Beauty Product Review

This beauty product review is Clarins Hydraquench cream, which is intended for normal to dry skin. Their site claims that it’s a light and silky, smooth cream, which has a feather light formula that the skin rapidly absorbs leaving the skin refreshed and hydrated. Sadly due to the fact that I have combination, oily and acne prone skin, I had to give this cream away to my close friend to test. She has dry to very dry skin, which is in desperate need of hydration. The only dry part on my body is my under eye area. So, as soon as I got this cream on the Clarins Beauty Event, I decided to pass it on to get tested so that I can get a review of it.

Clarins Hydraquench Cream

For this beauty product review of Clarins Hydraquench cream I wanted to mention that I really loved the sleek and glass packaging, it reminded me of water. Even though the glass container is heavy, it looks very luxurious but because of that I think it’s not travel safe. The product can be used up to 18 months after opening. The container contains 50 ml of products what is might be pricy for some (£34.00), but the prices tends to be standard for high-end brands. The cream sadly does contain alcohol, perfume, silica and dimethicone (a form of silicon). Some skin tends to be sensitive to those ingredients, especially to dimethicone, which might cause dehydration when exposed to for a longer period of time. But to be honest this truly depends on how much they put in the cream. Small amounts can just sit on the skin to give an illuminating effect on the skin.

Clarins Hydraquench Cream for normal to dry skin review

Clarins Hydraquench Cream Beauty Product Review

The Clarins Hydraquench cream is recommended for people of 40+ years of age or those that spend long hours in air-conditioned rooms. When taking about the texture of the cream, besides being rich (you only need a small amount), the cream truly does absorb quickly into the skin leaning almost no residue on the skin’s surface, but it does give a dewy finish what is ideal for dry skin. One thing my friend didn’t like about the cream was the strong floral scent, which does disappears in a short period of time. The moisturizer comes in a container, as mentioned earlier what means that you should use a metal spatula to remove the cream from the container to avoid contamination. On the other hand, the good thing about this face cream is that it doesn’t cause any comedogenic issues and after using it, it plumps that skin.

Clarins Hydraquench Cream

To conclude this beauty product review of Clarins Hydraquench cream, the cream does hydrate the skin, gives a dewy and plump finish and doesn’t clog the pores. The downsides is that it comes in a container and some of the ingredients is known to cause more “damage” (on some skin types) if they are used in a larger amount within the cream itself. Clarins sadly doesn’t claim what percentage of those ingredients are used in the cream what would be important to know. It’s a good cream for dry skin types since it gives that missing glow that dry skins need. But this is not a cream for very sensitive or combination – oily skin. I wouldn’t even recommend it for night care since it might cause breaks out due to the amount of hydration it gives for other skin types.

Clarins Hydraquench Cream Beauty Product Review


  • hydrates the skin
  • absorbs quickly
  • rich texture
  • gives dewy and refreshed skin
  • luxurious glass container
  • can be used up to 18 months after opened
  • anti-pollution
  • contains hyaluronic acid
  • lightweight on skin


  • comes in a heavy glass container (what means not travel safe, in my books)
  • some ingredients
  • floral scent


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