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Chanel Spring Makeup Collection 2012 Harmonie de Printemps

Chanel Spring Makeup Collection 2012 Harmonie de Printemps

Chanel spring makeup collection 2012 Harmonie de printemps is inspired by the seasonal changes. Created by Peter Philips, the Creative Director of Chanel Makeup, he implemented glowing and sunlit colours into Chanel’s new upcoming Spring Makeup Collection, HARMONIE DE PRINTEMPS. Subtle gradations of rose, coral and peach sculpt the face, giving it a soft radiance, while rich garnets and vivid pinks dress the lips. I like this spring makeup collection. 

Blush Horizon de Chanel ($58.00)

Poudre Universelle Compact ($45.00) 

  • Jasmine Luminous beige 

Les 4 Ombres  ($57.00)

  • Eclosion Peach, gold, beige, plum 

Stylo Yeux Waterproof ($29.00)

  • Garnet Garnet 

Ombre Essentielle ($28.50)

  • Rose de Mai Pink
  • Tigerlily Golden orange

Rouge Coco  ($32.00)

  • Superstition Golden beige
  • Paradis Pink coral
  • Charme Pink
  • Destinee Plum

Rouge Coco Shine ($32.00)

  • Candeur Pastel pink
  • Flirt Soft coral

Levres Scintillantes($28.50)

  • Petillant Golden beige
  • Bonbon Soft pink
  • Bagatelle Pink

Le Crayon Levres ($29.00)

  • Rose Corail Pink coral
  • Bois de Rose Rosewood

Rouge Double Intensite ($34.00)

  • Rose Topaz Rosewood (U.S. Exclusive)

Rouge Coco Baume  ($32.00) 

Le Vernis / Nail Colour ($25.00)

  • June Pastel apricot
  • May Intense pink
  • April Garnet

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