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Catrice Kohl Kajal 110 Blue I know you! Makeup Review & Swatches

You might have seen me use this Catrice Kohl Kajal 110 Blue I know you in one of my previous Makeup Monday’s looks. Today I decided to do a makeup review of this product since this is a product that you could for sure wear this summer. The main thing with kohl kajal pencils that I am looking for is that they are long lasting even on crazy summer heat weathers. I usually use them on my waterline (top and lower) and on my top lash line if they are creamy enough. You can even use them as an eye base if they are creamy enough and easy to blend in. Overall I have tested this product so let’s get down to the few basic facts about this makeup review Catrice Kohl Kajal 110 Blue I know you!

Catrice Kohl Kajal 110 Blue I know you

The firs thing I want to mention is what the brand says about this Catrice Kohl Kajal 110 Blue I know you, before I star my makeup review.  The pencil contains 1.1 grams in the pencil and lasts for 36 months. You have various kohl kajal from soft to shimmer or metallic and with glossy or velvety finishes. The products is claimed to be precise and smooth eyeliner for expressive eyes. After testing the products I can say that the blue is quite similar to the packaging color. It’s a matte dark navy blue shade that is ideal for most eye colors. The pigmentation is quite strong and does not fade after applying.

Makeup review pros and cons of Catrice Kohl Kajal

After applying Catrice Kohl Kajal 110 Blue I know you on my top lash line, I can say for this makeup review that the pencil is a bit on the drier side when applying, but having written that I can confirm that the pencil does offer a precise application so it’s not to dry. The eyeliner did not budge throughout the entire day and stayed put and as pigmented as I applied it from the very first moment. When applying the Catrice Kohl Kajal 110 Blue I know you (for the makeup review test) onto my waterline, I can say that the kohl lasted about two to three hours before it faded off. Since I do wear contacts my eyes get more watery than the normal eye. The kohl kajal has a more velvety texture so with a bit of a good blending it will glide onto the eyelid and will be able to be used as a base for any darker or smokey eye look. The pencil does not crack or break when I sharped it, meaning the quality of the pencil is very good. The product did live up to the advertisement of the brand and I was quite surprised to be very honest.

Makeup review conclusion Catrice Kohl Kajal

To conclude this makeup review of Catrice Kohl Kajal 110 Blue I know you, I can say that I never really liked Catrice before. Usually I am disappointed with their products but to be honest since I got these few PR products I can say that I was more than pleasantly surprised with the products that I received. I never expected to like the products and was ready for at least one disappointment, but so far I am more than pleased with their products. I do recommend this products and I have yet to put it to the test with one of my favorite kohl kajal eyeliners (my HQ eyeliner kohl) so expect a Kohl eyeliner showdown coming soon.Make sure to ready my other Catrice review’s such as: Catrice Intensif´eye 020 Charly´s Chocolate FactoryCatrice 540 Rose Marie’s Baby, Catrice 580 Carrot Of The Collection,

Have you tried Catrice Kohl Kajals? Do you like Catrice products?


  • pigmentation 
  • quality
  • price
  • available across most of EU
  • long lasting as an eyeliner
  • does not budge as an eyeliner
  • variety of texture
  • variety of colour
  • blend-able
  • precision for application
  • HQ pencil (easy to sharpen)


  • last between 2 – 4 hours on the waterline (could be a flaw for some) 

Catrice Kohl Kajal 110 Blue I know you


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