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Call of Duty Ghosts Ghost Mask Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2014

Today I am doing a fun game inspired look, Call of Duty Ghosts Ghost Mask Halloween makeup tutorial. This video game, to my knowledge and what the media is writing up, has sold over $1 billion worth of videos games. Ready up on this news, the media has split up and while one believe they sold that much others do not believe that they sold that many and that it was a fake press release. They claimed that they sold that many videos games within 24 hours. No matter what the truth is, COD aka Call of duty Ghosts is another Call of duty video game series that was very expected and that all COD lovers bought. I know we bought it and completed it within a few days.

Call of Duty Ghosts Halloween Makeup Tutorial

The Call of Duty Ghosts Ghost Mask Halloween makeup tutorial is a very simple makeup tutorial and you will only need a few basic things which you might already have around the house, especially if you are living with a woman or if you wear makeup. Here are a few things which you can use and I will also write up substitutes which you can use if you feel that you need them. For my makeup tutorial COD Ghosts, I used white and black face paint, you have many brands out there which ever one rocks your boat, go for it. If you do not use or do not live face paint they you can use cream paint (which is sold during Halloween) but make sure to set it with translucent powder or even baby powder can be used.

Call Of Duty Ghosts 2013 Halloween Makeup Tutorial COD Ghosts Video Game

Call of Duty Ghosts Ghost Mask Makeup Tutorial

Also, you can use normal everyday makeup. The key to makeup is that you have to find white foundation, and not many brands or better said not many drugstore brand (if any) offer white foundation. This is a constant complaint from very fair skin toned people that even their lightest skin shade is not light enough and that it would be solved if they offered white foundation. Besides that for the Call of Duty Ghosts Ghost Mask Halloween makeup tutorial, you can also use a black eyeliner instead of black face paint, I recommend NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean or anything similar and a black eyeshadow. You can also use cream foundation or even white clown cream foundation. When using makeup, no matter is being liquid or cream, the key to making it last is a setting powder. This is a must if you don’t want your makeup to smear, I also recommend it when using face paint.

How to make Call of Duty Ghosts Ghost Mask Makeup

Now here is a short list of products that I used and what else you can use for Call of Duty Ghosts Ghost Mask Halloween makeup tutorial.

  • White face paint
  • Black face paint
  • NYX Jumbo Pencil Black Bean

Substitute products:

  • white liquid or cream foundation
  • white cream paint (sold during halloween)
  • Black eye or lip liner
  • black eye shadow
  • setting powder or baby powder (baby powder will leave a noticeable white cast)


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