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Building Your Makeup Kit Part 1

When it comes to building your makeup kit, what you have to do first is define why you need a makeup kit or better said what purpose you need it for. Is this kit going to be for personal use? Is this kit going to be for professional use? Based on the answers to these questions you will be able to know how many products you need and what kind of products. I will be writing a series for all of you out there that want to build a makeup kit for personal or professional use. I will help you find the perfect products that you will need and use constantly in your makeup kit. So, let’s now get down to business and start building your best possible makeup kit.

Building Your Makeup Kit

Before you start to building your kit, you will have to ask some larger questions to know what products you will have to buy. My best advice is do not buy on impulse. IF you are a professional makeup artist fresh out of school, first answer these questions: What kind of makeup will you be using on your clients? Will you be traveling to your clients or will they come to you? How will you be carrying your makeup? If you are building a personal kit, first answer these questions: What kind of makeup do I prefer (liquid, crèmes, powder)? What is my skin type? Do I you carry your makeup around with you to touch up during the day?

Building Your Professional Makeup Kit

Starting off in the makeup world can be stressful especially after you complete makeup school and you are either tired of using the same products and want to expand to better products or you never got a starter kit at school. If you are in a dilemma whether to choose a premade professional kit or build your own personalized kit, I would suggest building your kit. In this way you will become a true professional because you will be building your makeup kit from scratch to suit all of your makeup needs. The key to building a good professional makeup artist kit is that you do not buy every lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, blush and other makeup products. A professional makeup artist has to be professional and creative. Any other way you will need a deep pocket and will have to charge a crazy sum to suit all your clients needs. While for a personal kit you will need to buy selected products to avoid customizing your daily needs, which can be time consuming for everyday needs.

example of part of a makeup kit

Building Your Makeup Kit: List it!

The best advice, which I can give you, is that you only buy versatile products, products that can be used in many ways with different brands. Once you build a basic kit you will be able to refine it for each makeup job. The best way to start (before your go on a shopping spree) is to make a list of products that you want to buy, write down all your heart desires, and then look over the list and see which products you can substitute with other products on the list but without loosing on the end result and quality. You will actually be surprised with how many products you will scratch off your list since you will see that some products truly are very versatile. This is the first step to building your makeup kit.

Building Your Personal Makeup Kit

When it comes to building your personal makeup kit, you can also make a list of products that you need for your daily needs. Write down every product that you like and then go over the list and see which products are being repeated and scratch them off the list. This way you will see what the basic products are and in this way you will make the first step in building your makeup kit.

Stay tuned for part 2


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