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Build your makeup kit part 2: makeup cases & bags

Let’s continue the build your makeup kit with part 2: makeup cases & bags. Before you continue reading make sure that you read build your makeup kit part one, it’s an introduction to this whole series. After you decided who your makeup kit is for then the next step is to find a makeup case or bag that suits your needs best. When choosing a makeup case or bag you have to consider a few how you store your makeup within the case or bag and how the makeup is transported. If your makeup is not stored properly then your, for example, eye shadows can break without proper storage in a makeup cage or bag, while your foundation bottle can also crack or break. Another thing to consider when buying a makeup bag or case is the size of it. If you get oversized bags or cases these can become a hassle due to the weight and maybe even size.

build your makeup kit part two

The best thing as I mentioned in my part one of building your makeup kit, is to write a list of what you plan to carry around with you and if you will be storing all your makeup in this bag when you are at home. Also, make sure that you see fits your budget because some makeup storages cost more than others (even without considering the size). This will help you decided what size and if you need a case or bag to transport your makeup. The size of your bag or case should also allow space for any additional future makeup, which you will purchase and want to carry in your kit, so something that allows your kit to grow.

build your makeup kit makeup cases & bags

In this build your makeup kit part 2 makeup cases & bags, I will mention a few products that I have personally tried or have researched and found that it suits most makeup artist.

Makeup bag

Makeup bags can be for professionals and makeup lovers. They are ideal product for personal use since most people do not have to many makeup products and they are ideal for professional makeup artist too. These makeup bags usually come in smaller sizes but can vary to medium size since there are professional makeup bags, which come in bigger sizes. Ideal for personal use and even ideal for maybe transporting your eyeliners, lip liner or even mascaras in one “bag” or even for your foundations depending on how big they are. You can get them in clear or colored edition. Downside is that most of the makeup bags only fit a few products.

Train cases

Train cases are cases that most makeup artists, professional or not start with. Most makeup artist buys them while attending makeup school or right after. The best thing is that when you open it has multiple smaller compartments that can store your lipstick, lip liners, liners, mascaras…etc.  Most makeup artists start off with a very small makeup collection and build it up with time. But if you are just starting off with makeup, this might be the makeup case you should start with. You can even buy this train case with in clear. Downside of these cases is that they can get heavy because the train case is heavy even when empty.

Makeup backpack

A makeup backpack is something relatively new on the market and is ideal for makeup lovers and makeup artist on the go. This is even a very good bag for hairdressers that are on set a lot. It looks like a typical backpack but in reality when you open it up you have smaller makeup bags where you can store your makeup in and even a compartment for makeup brushes on the side pockets. Downside is that this a small bag which doesn’t all your makeup collection to grow and can be pricey for something like a backpack.



Most makeup artists used suitcases before the era of specialized makeup bags and cases. They would store their makeup in small makeup bags and then drag their makeup around. This was practical for makeup artists that had a lot of makeup to carry around with then when going on set or to a makeup gig. The downside is that in reality this is a suit case and can look, in my opinion, to much like a real case and might damage your “image”, but if you buy a cool designed suit case then I think it would look cool and not make you look unprofessional. Downside they tend to be somewhat “bulky” and if your makeup is not packed properly then it will move around and get damaged.

Light makeup Cases

Light makeup cases are two things in one and are intended for personal and professional use. Some makeup artists actually use them when having makeup classes and they are also seen backstage at makeup pageants. Many makeup artist that don’t have enough space for a makeup table buy these and can set up a makeup table when they need it but yet store their makeup. These light makeup cases are intended to store your makeup and have a makeup desk with lights. I find that they are beautiful but the downside is that if you want to carry these around. They only fit a limited amount of makeup what is good when you first start off. I still see this more like a personal use product than professional only due to the weight. The price varies but it’s not cheap.

Professional artist case

In the past few years, professional artist cases have become popular. The most popular one is from Zuca that was specifically made by an artist for an artist. It contains professional makeup bag where you store your makeup and stack it one on the other. Right after Zuca was launched a similar artist case was launched which instead of makeup bags contained drawers and many makeup artists preferred this version to Zuca. The best thing about these cases is that they allow your makeup collection to grow and are awesome to store your makeup even when at home. This is not a product for personal use but if you don’t have a place to store your big makeup collection then this might be good to. These makeup cases are now available with most well known makeup brands. Downside, besides being bulky they tend to be expensive, but for a makeup artist this is a good investment. These have wheels.

Professional aluminum cases

These professional aluminum cases are intended for makeup artist that have a big makeup collection. These are considered to be THE makeup cases are ideal for large jobs usually for work on TV or film. This case allows you to have all your makeup in one place. This has more space available than a professional artist case. Many companies offer them from Kryolan to Cinema Secrets. Downside, none to be honest but they are expensive (but this depends on the brand) but are basically mandatory when you need to carry a large makeup collection with you on set. These have wheels.

So this completes my building your makeup kit part 2. Hopefully with this you will be able to see which makeup case or bag suits your makeup needs best. Don’t forget to check back soon to read part 3.


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