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Breaking Bad Heisenberg Makeup & Costume Halloween 2013

Breaking Bad Makeup Halloween 2013 heisenberg Walter White

Breaking Bad Heisenberg Makeup & Costume Halloween 2013 I decided to recreate a character from my favorite TV series Breaking Bad. Season 5 is now ending and since Halloween is around the corner I wanted to recreate a look or character from the TV series.  Heisenberg aka Walter White is the main character that was diagnosed with cancer and decided to take his life into his own hands. He decided to make a few quick bucks but soon down the line he becomes a big drug lord and has the famous known blue drug meth. He life changes overnight with the help from his previous student Jesse Pinkman.

Breaking Bad Heisenberg Makeup Tutorial Halloween 2013

Jesse Pinkman and  Heisenberg aka Walter White get into a boat load of trouble. Currently season 5 has an interesting twist which I never saw coming, ok maybe I expected it but in the end I didn’t hope that it would happen. I love all the characters in the show but the person that is hated online the most is Skyler White. Walter is always hiding his double life from his family in law Hank Schrader who works for the DEA. The show is very complex and extremely interesting. I highly recommend the show for people that like action and thriller TV series. now on to my character from Breaking Bad Heisenberg makeup tutorial Halloween 2013.

Breaking Bad Costume Yellow Jumpsuit


Breaking Bad Heisenberg Costume & Makeup Tutorial

The products which I used for my Breaking Bad Heisenberg Costume & Makeup Tutorial the following products that I will list below. Feel free to just use eye shadows or eye pencil or even lip pencils to achieve this look. I kinda was aiming at a more natural look so I kept layering the makeup. Feel free to alter and use whatever you like to get the breaking bad makeup look. Main thing with Heisenberg Breaking Bad Makeup Tutorial was that you got the wrinkle correct on his forehead, a black hat, glasses or black sunglasses and a moustache. You would also need a brown jacket and a normal shirt.

Breaking Bad Makeup

The products that I used to get my Breaking Bad Heisenberg Makeup Tutorial products

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