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Borotalco Invisible antimacchie con microtalco deodorant spray beauty product review

Today I am doing a beauty product review of Borotalco Invisible antimacchie con microtalco deodorant spray with 0% alcohol. I got this product in my goodie bag when I attended a beauty blogger day event and since I am always busy blogging and doing makeup work I don’t get the change to review products as much as I want to. When I ran out of my previous deodorant, I decided to test. I personally sweat a lot, this is in my genetic code and I sweat more under one armpit when stressed. I need a strong neutral scented deodorant that will slow down my sweating and leave a pleasant scent to avoid a bad BO scent.

Borotalco Invisible Deodorant Spray

I know that many women out there do not fee comfortable taking about this more “taboo” or “sensitive” topics. I know that I stray from them as much as possible since these kinds of topics are quite intimate to many women. But I decided to open up for this beauty product review of Borotalco Invisible antimacchie con microtalco deodorant spray. Yes, your “shank” (BO) does smell and who ever says theirs don’t, is lying. The number one thing when it comes to deodorants is that you have regular showers (daily and for some twice a day) and use a deodorant that suits your sense of smell and your skin.  So now it’s time for the beauty product review.

Borotalco Invisible Antimacchie con microtalco deodorante spray beauty product review

Borotalco Invisible antimacchie con microtalco 

This Borotalco Invisible antimacchie con microtalco deodorant spray comes in a spray bottle but they also have a roll-on, stick and no-gas spray versions. I prefer sprays, since in my case it has been proven to be the most effective. The deodorant has a pleasant scent something like a floral powder scent that I like when it comes to deodorants. It doesn’t contain alcohol so it doesn’t irritate my skin. This is an “invisible” version of the spray what means it leaves no marks (yellow or white) on white or black clothes. In my experience “invisible” versions of deodorants are usually weaker and I get my evil BO popping out after just an  hour or two, but this wasn’t the case with Borotalco invisible antimacchie. The spray claims to be active for 24 hours what I can confirm is true, since I usually avoid sprays that last 48 hours because they cause irritation on my underarm skin and they are way to aggressive for me. The spray uses microtalc, which absorbs sweat, regulates perspiration and leaves the skin dry all day.

Beauty product review summary of Borotalco deodorant spray

To conclude my beauty product review of Borotalco Invisible antimacchie con microtalco deodorant spray, I can say that I would have never tried this product if I never got it as a gift. I just don’t like the packaging and it doesn’t attract me. After trying it I would repurchase it and recommended it to people that want a 24h, anti-stain deodorant spray that has a more floral powder scent. I find that this deodorant works and has a pleasant powder scent. So hopefully this review has helped you in some way, and to answer your question, no I am not using this deodorant at the moment since I have a new one that I love, I will be mentioning it in my Summer 2013 favorite products in August so make sure to check that upcoming video soon.


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