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Ben Nye neutral set translucent setting powder REVIEW

When it comes to powders, I plan to write a few reviews in the upcoming weeks. I haven’t been writing much about them and thought why not, it’s the perfect time to do that. I decided to start with the classic setting powders and so here we go. Most people, if not everyone, already knows that setting powders are a must if you want your foundation to stay on for a longer period of time. You have of course colored setting powders, pressed powders (actually forms of powder foundations as I would like to call them) and in the end you have transparent and neutral setting powders. Today, I’m going to be writing a makeup review about Ben Nye neutral set translucent setting powder.

Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder

The Ben Nye neutral set setting powder has been around since forever. You might have seen various online YouTube makeup artists and gurus talk about it, for example, the powder that won’t change color. The reason they stress this is because transparent and neutral setting powders do not alter the color of your foundation. Ben Nye neutral set setting powder is also known as the translucent face powder. What is the function of this powder? Well this powder is used to set liquid or crème makeup to achieve a soft matte finish. The neutral set translucent powder is colorless and can blend onto most skin tones without leaving an ashy finish. I write most because I know that when it comes to darker/richer skin tones this powder does leave an ashy finish.

Ben Nye setting powder review

Ben Nye Neutral Setting Powder

The Ben Nye powder is compared to other setting powder such as the RCMA, ELF, Kett, Cinema Secrets, Illamasqua, MUFE setting powder and many more. When it comes to Ben Nye’s powder, this powder is not a HD powder. I did write an entire article about the differences in powder “Finishing vs Setting vs Fixing powders” which you can read if you are interested in that topic. You do not need an HD setting powder unless you are working with HD TV. Please keep this in mind. I plan to write an entire article concerning why you do not need HD makeup and when you really do need it. Going back to Ben Nye, the neutral set translucent setting powder comes in loose form and it will set any makeup liquid or cream without muting the color or changing the color. It can be used on the face or body. The powder controls your oiliness and keeps the makeup on longer without breaking down as fast. The only thing which I have notices is that besides ELF’s setting powder, Ben Nye feels like it has larger particles or better said that it has not been as fine milled as some other setting powders which I have used. Ben Nye is very good for stage performances because it contains antiperspirant properties, but I would say it’s not dry skin friendly, and I would like to add that it works better on oily skin. With this setting powder, a little goes a long way. I’ve had that small shaker (.25 gm / 0.9 oz) for a while now and it’s almost nearly impossible to spend it all. If you are not a PRO makeup artist, get the small shaker, it will last you a long time. The shelf life is 30m after opening, what is a VERY long time.

REVIEW Ben Nye Neutral Set translucent setting powder

I have used quite a few setting powders so with time I will write an actual comparison with a few to tell you which I like more and why. When I first started to use setting powders, I used to use to much and then wondered as to why my foundation was patchy. This is the trick with setting powders, they will such up all the moisture and oils from your skin and foundation, and they can leave a patchy finish if used incorrectly. I think that Ben Nye is an excellent powder that won’t work with all kind of makeup, but I can say that Ben Nye is perfect for theater, sfx, oily skin and everyday makeup. It’s cheap but is a high quality product. To complete this makeup review, I would like to add that if you are on a budget then feel free to try Ben Nye neutral set translucent setting powder

Ben Nye Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder Review

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