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Beach Makeup Tutorial

Beach Makeup Tutorial No Makeup Makeup Tutorial

Today’s makeup tutorial is a promised on, beach makeup tutorial. You might have seen me talk about this makeup tutorial in my how to use a beauty blender makeup tutorial. IF you haven’t seen that video makeup sure to check it out. When going to the beach you have a few things to decided before you decide what kind of makeup you want to wear. You have to decided do you want your makeup to be waterproof, sweatproof and natural. I strongly advise your makeup looks natural since anything different might cause people to stare at you, unless that is what you want. So I hope you like my latest beach makeup tutorial.

Beach Makeup Tutorial

My beach makeup tutorial can also be worn for pool makeup. This is a look that I wear when I am going to the beach but will not be swimming. I sometimes go to the beach and just hang out at my local cafe with friends and drink water, tea and freshly squeezed juices instead of swimming. If you are going to the beach just to relax then this natural makeup look will be perfect because no one will be sure if you are wearing any makeup at all. This look is idea even for pool partys when you just want to show off your enchanced tan. No matter why you want to wear makeup this look is unnoticable 100%.

Beach Makeup Tutorial Sweat-proof & Water-proof

This beach makeup tutorial is sweat-proof and if you want a water-poof makeup tutorial all you have to do is make sure that you are using waterproof products and you are set to go to the beach with full light makeup without anyone being the wiser. I hope that you like this tutorial and please leave a comment below the video on youtube with your favorite summer makeup product.

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