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Barry M Lipstick 52 Shocking Pink and 62 Vibrant Pink makeup review

My long awaited Barry M 52 Shocking Pink and 62 Vibrant Pink makeup review. I was looking online for the perfect shocking pink shades, which remind me of MAC bubble gum idea for hot summer nights when you get that golden summer tan and I found that everyone and their mother have been loving Barry M. I love these Barry M Lipsticks I think that after using these I plan to get a few more shades to complete my Barry M collection. These are my current most loved and favorite shades. A few people after seeing these shades on my lips purchased the same shades for themselves. These lippies are super pigmented, long lasting and amazing on the lips.

Barry M 52 Shocking Pink and 62 Vibrant Pink makeup review details

Looking up on their website for details for my makeup review of Barry M 52 Shocking Pink and 62 Vibrant Pink, the lipsticks really do have a smooth texture and they really do glide on with an ease. The durability of the texture is very long or better said longer than I have expected. When eating and drinking, even though the colors rubs off on my cups, glasses, forks…etc. The lipstick is still is on my lips with minimum “damage”. Even though the lipstick glides on I can say that the texture of the lipstick is a bit drying but because of that texture the stay power of the lipstick is much longer but this might on some lips result in cracked lips effect. I have normal lips and the only time I get the cracked lips is after eating and drinking, it’s easily fixed with a bit of lip balm.

Barry M Lipstick

Makeup  review of shocking pink & vibrant pink more details

Both shades of Barry M 52 Shocking Pink and 62 Vibrant Pink are very similar the only difference which might not be visible in the pictures (this varies form monitor to monitor) is that one pink is more neon pink (shocking pink 52) while the other pink is still a bit shocking but it’s toned down a bit and more “natural” (vibrant pink 62). I think that vibrant pink would look better on someone with lighter skin tones, while shocking pink is more for people with a medium to dark undertone. This in the end is my own opinion. I think that Vibrant pink is more for a dark Smokey eye look than shocking pink 52 which I do wear when I put on my dramatic fake lashes then the two are an ideal match. what I forgot to mention earlier was that the longevity of the lipsticks is at least 5 hours if you are not eating or drinking. The lipstick is so pigmented that you really need a good makeup remover to take it off your lips, however the product does not stain the lips.

 Makeup review conclusion of Barry M 52 Shocking Pink and 62 Vibrant Pink

To conclude my makeup review of Barry M 52 Shocking Pink and 62 Vibrant Pink, I can add that comparing it to my NYX matte lipsticks, I prefer Barry M lipsticks since they are less drying and more moisturizing than NYX. The packaging is smaller which means that it fits into smaller purses. Since the texture is thick the lipstick is buildable without the heavy feeling on the lips. Overall I will be repurchasing the Barry M lipstick and am looking at more natural shades at the moment to complete my makeup collection. These lipsticks are lipsticks that I would use on myself and my clients since I am happy with the overall effect and longevity what I find to be one of the most important things.

Barry M lipstick 52 shocking pink

Barry M Lipstick

Barry M Lipstick 62 vibrant pink 52 shocking pink swatches

The shocking pink is a shade richer while vibrant pink is a shade lighter


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