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Avon Solutions Sensitive Botanicals Beauty Product Review

Avon Solutions Sensitive Botanicals

Today I am doing a Beauty Product Review on the Avon Solutions Sensitive Botanicals. I got this sample from my lovely beauty blogger Maybesnewstart . I love testing skin care products, to find that perfect skin care routine. Let me tell you a little bit more about this skin care product, Avon Solutions Sensitive Botanicals, thought this beauty product review.  This is a gentle day moisturizerthat contains SPF 20 you get 50 ml of product. It comes in a quit heavy, I think, glass round container with a silver top, as you can see in the pictures. It gives your skin a healthier appears and with improved clarity. On the beauty product review of  Avon Solutions Sensitive Botanicals

Avon Solutions Sensitive Botanicals

Beauty product review Avon Solutions Sensitive Botanicals

The beauty product review of Avon Solutions Sensitive Botanicals when looking a the ingredients it contained ross moss ingredients and it’s preservative and dye-free, what’s a big plus. The cream it’s self smells like cucumbers, what can be a good an bad thing. The problem I had is with the Avon Solutions Sensitive Botanicals beauty product review product was the smell of the cucumber, for me personally is to strong, even though the smell does fade. The same thing happened with my Skin Food Honey Black Tea Cleansing Oil which I stopped using it since the honey smell was just way to strong. Another thing to mention is that a soothing and cooling feeling was given by the Avon Solutions Sensitive Botanicals beauty product review product.  

Avon Solutions Sensitive Botanicals beauty product review

Other things about the beauty product review, Avon Solutions Sensitive Botanicals, which are worth mentioning are that I have combination to oily skin. This product really worked amazing on my dry patches and cheeks. It really hydrated my skin well throughout the day while giving it an amazing SPF 20 coverage. Another thing to mention in about the Avon Solutions Sensitive Botanicals in this beauty product review is that is contains rose moss which is rich in calcium and really helps the reduce skin sensitivity. If you have irritable or sensitive skin then this product really should help. I have, as mentioned above combination to oily skin and when time I have noticed that my skin benefits a lot from products which are intended for sensitive skin. The rose moss should help protect skin’s collagen and elastin what is usually lost with sensitive skin. I haven’t used Avon Solutions Sensitive Botanicals a long time to confirm in this beauty product review that fact but I know that my skin wasn’t breaking out like crazy.

Avon Solutions Beauty product review

To complete this beauty product review of Avon Solutions Sensitive Botanicals, I will mention that my skin has a tendency to break out like crazy on new products and moisturizers. This product did break me out but not as most moisturizers do, this is why I stick to fluids. I recommend that people with sensitive or combination skin use this product to get the most out of it, to be fully honest in this beauty product review of Avon Solutions Sensitive Botanicals. This is a very good cream but not fully for my skin. I will continue to use this on my drier more sensitive areas. My cheeks did look healthy and more radiant. I will also use this cream on my neck since I think that moisturizing my neck during the day or night will benefit my neck skin on the long run. Over all, I really liked this product for specifics areas on my face. I will continue to use it on those areas since I have benefited from this Avon Solutions Sensitive Botanicals, this beauty product review is over.


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