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I have had a few really busy days.
Today while I was going to the super market, while I was entering the supermarket I was passing a few teenagers and I got a snowball thrown at the back of my head luckly I was wearing a hoodie.
I mean WTF???
I yelled at the teens and they laughed back but they walked off.
it really pisses me off when teens do things like that.
I really don’t have to explain myself nor will I.
It’s just pretty amazing how kids behave these days.
I’m not even old, I’m only 31.


Anyway my poor cat is ill again!!!
Last month she was balding and it turned out to be fungus.
She is balding again but in multiple places around her neck and on her chest area
but A LOT!!!
I gave her a shower with a special shampoo for fungus until I get her to the vet.
I hate winter because she is usually sick all winter ….

Basically I am back to blogging
I want to do a few looks over the weekend.
Next week I want to do the 7 sins look but some more day or night wearable looks

So, What’s was your day  like?


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