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Are You a Beautiful Woman?

This is a short video to show how beauty as an ideal has change throughout history. The point to this story is that there is NO realistic standard definition of beauty. The ideal of the perfect beauty changes from generation to generation. Once twiggy was in fashion but today Latina woman are considered to be the most beautiful woman in the world, or better said curves. I think that as long as you are healthy and if you just enhance your natural beauty you will ROCK IT and you are BEAUTIFUL just the way you are! You really are beautiful! Don’t use makeup as a mask! Just use it to enhance your natural beauty of you even have to use it. Remember each morning to tell yourself in the mirror that “I LOVE ME!”.

Enjoy the video and leave a comment on what you think the video means?

Alos check the video below (a Dove video)


  • Dominique


    Very good video indeed ! It shows different types of Beauty, but in the end I clearly see the bad effects of plastic surgery and I definitely perfer actresses such as Julie Christie, Vivien Leigh or Faye Dunaway, Catherine Zeta-Jones would be for me the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in recent history. I can’t wait to see the male version lol !

    • Smashinbeauty

      I just feel sorry for young girls growing up today! they are not only bombarded with the concept of the “perfect” beauty but other mean girls bully them into buying this crap of what beautiful is! the worst thing I have ever seen or heard is when other girls bully other girls over looks. Sad generation of woman.

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