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I know, I understand, your blog is growing, you want more comments. You are willing to do random things online to get publicity! But not all publicity is a good thing. It’s important to be mindful when growing your blog. Here are a few things you really should consider avoiding when your blog is growing.

Six Things To Avoid When Growing Your Blog

  1. Only commenting to leave a link to your site. Is it ok to leave a link to your blog? Yes, but I recommend that you also leave a meaningful comment instead of a copy and paste comment or a one word comment such as awesome, cool…etc. Leaving a meaningful comment will leave a bigger chance of other bloggers visiting you and the owner of that blog to stop by.
  2. “Sub 4 Sub”, “Like 4 like”,  comments. These should be avoided like the plague. The End!
  3. Giveaways to gaining new followers. A long time ago, bloggers use to host giveaways to celebrate a milestone or treat readers, but now a days bloggers host giveaways in hope to grow their readership. This won’t work! I guarantee it!
  4. Comments to check out and subscribe to your blog. Many newbie bloggers make this mistake. This is extremely spammy, annoying and very unprofessional. Trust me, no one will check out or even subscribe to your blog with comments like this. We all hate and fear spammers. Other bloggers will avoid your blog because they will fear your will spam their comment boxes.
  5. Bad mouthing other bloggers/brands/creatives. Pretty self-explanatory! Don’t do it! Everyone hates unnecessary drama. There are no exceptions, unless you are a gossip blog. Everything else should be handled behind closed doors and if necessary legally. Many bloggers have been sued by brands, creatives and other bloggers due to “leaking” private or contracts on their blog. Bloggers have to understand, you can get sued for bad mouthing.
  6. Be everywhere. You really don’t have to be everyone! You should only use the social media sites which can contribute to your blog. Otherwise it will become super overwhelming and not really necessary.
What do you think is the most important thing to avoid when growing your blog?


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