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15 Unbelievable Halloween Makeup Tutorials

15 Unbelievable Halloween Makeup Tutorials 2012

I wanted to write a short post related Halloween makeup. Browsing the internet and doing my “homework” I wanted to see what other beauty bloggers were up to and leave comments on their sites, daily process, and then I get a message from one of my followers and an e-mail that my Jigsaw Billy Makeup Tutorial for Halloween was feature on It was featured in the 15 Unbelievable Halloween Makeup Tutorials for 2012. I am very proud that mashable’s team (Jennifer Shore) really liked my tutorial and posted it to be one of the Top 15 Unbelievable Halloween Makeup Tutorials for 2012.

Please check out the other tutorials which were are featured as the 15 Unbelievable Halloween Makeup Tutorials they are also all unbelievable!

15 Unbelievable Halloween Makeup Tutorials on Youtube


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