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11 ten minute tips to improve your blog

As a blogger or website owner, it can get hectic from time to time especially if you part time blog or have a very active social life. Getting organized can help you boost your blog/website without taking up to much time. I know that from time to time you feel that you are wasting too much time on your blog and I can assure you you probably are. This ten minute list has eleven quick ten-minute activities which will up your game. Don’t waste your time browsing facebook, instagram or twitter rather grab this list and get a busy. Some of these tasks are not even daily tasks. Here are my 11 ten minute tips to improve your blog.

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  1. Once a week respond to a lengthy e-mail. This will show your readers you care and that you read their emails no matter how long they are.
  2. Twice a week respond to the comments on your blog.
  3. Once in two weeks, send a pitch to a brand you want to work with.
  4. Once a day interact with a few of your followers on social media sites.
  5. At the end of the week, clean up your computer’s desktop to start the next week fresh, clutter free.
  6. Make a to do list for the following day.
  7. Set goals for the upcoming week. How many and what posts will you write?
  8. Choose one day in the week when you will take pictures for your blog.
  9. Set a realistic goal for the upcoming month for your blog/website.
  10. Search for inspiration! Anything that will motivate to you.
  11. Once a month e-mail a few bloggers about guest posting on their site.

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