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YouTube Integrates Google+ Comments On All Videos From TODAY!

Yes, you read that correctly, from today, November 7th 2013 YouTube Integrates Google+ Comments On All Videos which means in short, no google+ profile, no google+ fan page equals no youtube comment. This means that you cannot comment anymore on youtube if you have not connected your youtube channel to google+. YouTube is cleaning up its comment section, because we all know and have to admit it was about time for some comments. They are doing this with advanced moderation filter and a closer integration of Google+.

YouTube commenters can be harsh, cold and honestly just appalling.  Mean-spirited commenters will find themselves on Youtube’s blacklist: Video publishers are now allowed to block individual users, words from appearing on their videos. As you can see below in the comment setting, youtube publishers will have full control over comments what will finally put a stop to trolls and other hateful and hurtful comments which some youtube channels have been struggling with for a very long time. Because we all know that trolls are just “frustrated children” that come online in order to get their frustrations out on the wrong people in order to feel good about themselves.

YouTube is now officially integrated with Google+, what means that every visitor can now share their comments which are on YT videos with their friends and Google+ circles. You can choose to start a conversation so that it’s seen by everyone on YouTube and Google+ or you have the option to let only people in your Circles or just a few people see that same comment. The Youtube publisher will be able to see all comments.  All replies are threaded so you can easily follow conversations without strolling and looking for the reply.

YouTube labels comments as “good comments”, what are good comments you say? Good comments are the ones which come from the youtube channel creator (meaning YOU, if you are the channel owner of that video which is being commented on), “popular personalities,” and your friends on Google+. What are popular personalities? People that comment a lot on your channel and comments which generate a lot of other comments, these kind of comments will rise to the top of the comment section. You can always switch the comments to the “Newest first”. Youtube claims that 80%  of people who comment regularly have already connected their Youtube account to Google+.  Google+ links allow YouTube visitors to have private conversations about certain videos within their own circles, this is not really a big deal because before you would just copy, cut and paste the link onto your google+ profile or even facebook and comment privately away…

I can say that the new Youtube comment system will take time to adapt to, I found it very frustrating that I cannot reply to any of the comments at the moment because they were made before the switch was made, so I expect that from now on all new comments from my viewers will be normal and I will be able to reply to them if they have a Google+ profile.

Please make sure to follow me on Google+ In the near future because of the new comment system I will be very active on Google+ and I will be hosting a few giveaways

youtube google+ new comment system november 2013

P.S. If you are a YOUTUBE channel owner NEW UPDATE… Youtube Inbox doesn’t show new comment notifications ANYMORE!.. read all about it on the new TOS




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