Planning session

Well I have been trying to blog but I am just super busy and at the end of the day I just give up… but I am still trying. I managed to start studying

Now I study every other day and I have been catching up SOOOOOOOOO Much I study about 6 hours minimum and Friday & Saturday’s I seem to study ALL DAY
So this lent thing really is working for me.
I finally priorities my life 🙂
So, today I finally decided to study from home….
I work later tonight (I work part time)
So, now I’m going to finish some work that I have to do and after that I will study and then off to work and after work more studying.
Basically I have this thing I call a weeks hump….
Meaning that the first week is the hardest for me … I have to just be persistent and I know I’ll be fine.

I can’t do makeup for a while since I have some skin issues that I really don’t even wanna start talking about.
Basically I have to wait a week or 2 before I can start doing any makeup looks