What a long title we got here today, When High End Brands Offer Horrible service and quality. I never expected to ever write a review about the clothes I wear and this post will not be focusing on this but rather on what to expect when you shop high end or high street, what ever you call it. I read an article titled, Are your $200 jeans really worth it? and let me reflect on it before I start to write what I wanted to write about. The articles claims that you get better quality than let’s say $20 jean. Listen, it all might be true (always with a grain of salt people), but to my knowledge those jeans are not worth the $200 and I know a hand full of people who would never buy those $200 jeans since we all got bills to pay and nine-to-five jobs and at the end of the say, your hard earned money will surely not go in that direction. 

High End Brand horrible service and quality

So, winter is around the corner and you decide that it’s time for a new winter coat, but this time around you want to get a more expensive coat that is intended for colder climates so that it can last you as long as the previous coat, so about 5 – 8 years. If it lasts longer than that, great. I have coats that look brand new after 10 years use; this is how well I take care of my winter coats. You buy a high end brand $500 coat, what it a lot of money for most people since most normal and warm coats cost around $200 max and everything above that is expensive and in my book high end brand. 

The coat arrives and has multiple loose threads, you ignore it even though it’s the first time you ever experience this and wonder how a $500 coat directly from the brand’s official website could come in such dodgy shape. After the first winter, around 4 months (note: I wore it all together 5 months, but have had it for a year), a pocket gets loose. The threads get loose around it and it starts to fall into the coat, or out of shape and gets loose. If you cut the threads the entire pocket will get loose and the coat is ruined. Then you decided to ignore it and get it fixed next year. Next year (officially this year, November), winter is here and you put on the coat and start looking as to where you could get that pocket fixed and to get those loose threads under control to avoid your coat falling apart. Still you wonder, why hasn’t my Marc Jacobs coat done this? Why haven’t my other coats, such as one from Guess had this happen to it? 

One day after work you put on your book bag and you hear a rip sound. You ignore it thinking there is not way that the coat ripped it’s a $500 coat, you wore and used it the same way as last year and not even a full year has passed since you bought it. You get home and notice a rip. You decide to contact the company directly since this is where you got it. You want them to fix or replace it, you like the coat. The company first offers two options A. ship it to them to get it fixed B. get it fixed by a tailor in the US. You explain to them you moved to Europe and need there shipping address. They respond with they would rather then send me a “fix it yourself” kit. So, I can fix the coat myself?! Say what now? I’m a tailor to, I had no idea. 

Here is the problem. Why did I pay $500 for a coat? To have it tear on me after a year or to fix loose threads? The cost of repairing this coat would be around $100+. What customer service turns around and offers a kit to fix the coat after you tell them you are no longer in the USA. Please don’t tell me this just happened? Please God! 

Why am I writing this rant, because I expect that a company would care about their customers and not treat them this way. I expected more, much more from a High End brand. I expected them to resolve this is a smart and fast way but they did nothing at all. I am tired of wanna be high end brands selling me their “$200 jeans” and what I get is a $20 jean (refering to the article linked above). This is the problem that I have with some high-end brands, they are NOT HIGH END!  I have bought many high-end brands and have never had an unpleasant experience and wanted to write about it. I am still in contact with the company and waiting for a reply from them after me threatening to expose them online. I had no other option. 

Why is it that I have to threaten a brand to do what they are supposed to do automatically. I would understand this behavior if it was a brand such as H&M that makes $50 winter coats, but a high end brand that does not sell to a wide consumer base to treat their supporters this way is a crime. Do we have to threaten and sue brands to get what they promised? Why are they forcing use to publically rant about them in this manner when all they had to do was take responsibility and fix what was broken when they shipped it out in the first place.

If you are interested in what brand this is, make sure to check back in a day or two when I am done corresponding with the brand. I will write an honest review of the jacket with all the details, no matter what the end result it. I am not happy with them at all and want to help readers across the globe see that some high end brands are not offering the quality or even service that you expect. This is why I linked the article above, to prove that they are wrong. Those $200 jeans, I expect them to be perfect and last longer than a year and expect superb customer service from those brands. Normal people do not want them to be taken advantage of, maybe people with money do not care, but I care and I strongly believe that everyone that reads this article cares.