A while ago, during the Beauty Blog Day, I got the new Vichy Idealia eye contour idealizer care as part of the goodie bag, so I guess this is a PR sample. The Vichy ideal eyes cream claims to transform the skin’s quality and color around the eyes. It will not only reduce darkness and illuminate the shades but the fine lines will look smoother. This cream is suitable for all skin types and even sensitive skin types. The eye contour cream claims DRM-bright complex, caffeine, vitamin B3 and instant illuminators to instantly illuminate and soften the appears of dark circles. Vichy claims that you will see visible results after using it for 4 weeks. You get 15ml of product in the Vichy Idealia eye contour idealizer care tube.

Vichy Idealia eye contour idealizer care

The Vichy Idealia eye contour idealizer care was tested on two people, myself and my friend who has more visible dark circles and I let her test the majority of the product. She used the product for three weeks, while I used it only for one week.

Test Subject #1 

My friends claim, who has noticeably darker circles. She said that she loved the smell f the product, she is usually very sensitive to scents in cosmetics. She didn’t like the plastic attached spatula which she felt dragged her skin when she tried to apply the eye cream. She also found that the instructions were a bit funny, because why would you not just apply the cream on your finger and drag and/or tap the eye cream on your under eye are, which she did in the end. She noticed some mild changes such as a bit of smoother skin, a bit lighter darker circles but she claims she didn’t notice any illuminating effects on the skin. In the end, she liked the eye contour cream.

Test Subject #2 

I used the Vichy Idealia eye contour idealizer care for one week and I have very mild dark circles but my under eye area is in need of hydration. I noticed instantly that my light dark circles seemed lighter and the skin under the eyes seems illuminated. The cream was hydrating in the way that my skin felt hydrated for a longer period of time, what is not common with other eye cream products which I used.

Vichy Idealia eye contour idealizer care beauty product review

To sum up this beauty product review of Vichy Idealia eye contour idealizer care,  I can say that it does show instant results on people like me which have lighter dark circles, but if you have darker circles it will take up two-three weeks to see more visible results.

Vichy Idealia eye contour idealizer review