Top Beauty Blunders

Researching not only my own beauty blunders but my friends too, I have made a list of top beauty blunders that most people makeup when starting off with makeup.

Not only will these things make you seem older and probably in some cases dirty, but a few of these things will for sure turn men off.

Top Beauty Blunders

1. Scouse brows
2. Foundation line on chin
3. Dark lip-liner & pale lipstick
4. Monobrow
5. Too much foundation
6. Clumpy or Over Done mascara
7. Bad placement of false lashes resulting in droopy eyes
8. Too much blush
9. Too Much Lipgloss
10. orange self tanner
11. strong contouring lines
12. messy smokey eyes = panda eyes


Your Thoughts

What were your beauty blunders? Do you agree with the list?