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The Evil Dead Makeup Tutorial 2013 (Red Band Trailer)

The Evil Dead Makeup Tutorial 2013 (Red Band Trailer)

So here is my new special effects makeup tutorial The Evil Dead Makeup Tutorial 2013 (Red Band Trailer). I have to admit that I totally forgot that two months ago I totally forgot to write a blog post with all the details concerning my Evil Dead Makeup Tutorial. I cannot believe that I forgot!!! Besides that I will now write a few interesting things about this new remake. As many of you now, I love my horror movies due to the special effects. I love seeing how my lovely specialized collages come up with horrible scary characters. So I get very excited when I see a trailer and star to make my own version of the makeup look that I see.

The Evil Dead Makeup Tutorial 2013

One thing to be ware of when it comes to current makeup in the movie industry is that some makeup is done with special effects video effects and not special effects makeup! I get it but I still hate it to be honest! So I like to get creative and create looks where I can use makeup and this is why I did the makeup tutorial of The Evil Dead Makeup Tutorial 2013 (Red Band Trailer). I really wanted to see how I could make a realistic cut on the face. Sadly on the video the effect was lost a bit because I used to much blood and you cannot really see the skin hanging but you can see during the making that there is skin hanging and it does look like the skin is thorn I wish I made the skin a bit longer but oh well next time I do something like this I will be more wise.

The Evil Dead Makeup Tutorial 2013 (Red Band Trailer)

Alright now to the makeup products that I used to create The Evil Dead Makeup Tutorial 2013 (Red Band Trailer). I wanted to use material that anyone could use at home and nothing that is to expensive so even if you go out and buy any of the products it won’t cost you an arm and leg. I will be making a video soon showing you how to make your own latex with a few very simple ingredients and if you want I will also include in the video a DIY blood recipe. I am not sure if you all know this but this horror movie is actually a remake of Evil Dead from the 80s and honestly I didn’t watch it but I am very excited about watching thing one more concerning the makeup involved than the movie itself. Check back to the site for more Halloween and Mardi Gras makeup looks and tutorials. make sure to go to my front page and click the tab Halloween and creative makeup and you can see all of my Halloween and Mardi Gras Tutorials.

Evil Dead Red Band Trailer Inspired Makeup Tutorial 2013

Now finally my The Evil Dead Makeup Tutorial 2013 (Red Band Trailer) makeup products:



Music Used:
Private Reflection
Ghostpocalyspe – 5 Apotheosis
Tenebrous Brothers Carnival – Prelude
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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