The Book Of Life La Muerte Makeup & Costume

The Book Of Life La Muerte Halloween Makeup Tutorial & Costume 2014, was inspired by the animated comedy movie which is about a young man called Manolo who is torn between fulfill his own wishes and his families. The movie was produced by famous Guillermo del Toro. Today I am showing you a way how you can transform yourself into The Book Of Life La Muerte. You can use face paint or normal makeup. I prefer normal makeup since it stays on longer than any face paint in my personal experience. Here are the products which I used in my Halloween makeup tutorial. I am also showing you how to make her costume.

The Book Of Life La Muerte Makeup

The Book Of Life La Muerte Costume

  • Yellow fake flowers
  • red sombrero or large big hat
  • hot glue
  • white paper skulls
  • tape
  • white paper candles

The Book Of Life La Muerte Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2014