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Somatoline cosmetic anti-cellulite treatment cream beauty product review

When you finally become a woman a few things happen, your body changes and you get cellulite. Cellulite is something that most women hate and hate to even talk about.  Some women have more of it while others have less or none. Cellulite really depends on you genes, diet and life style. There are a few products that can help control or better said lessen the visual effects of cellulite. Since I have minimum cellulite I decided to give away one of my newer products to one of my readers so that she can test it out for me since I know that she uses these products. So, here is the feedback or better said the beauty product review of Somatoline cosmetic anti-cellulite treatment

Somatoline cosmetic anti-cellulite treatment

Before the beauty product review of Somatoline cosmetic anti-cellulite treatment, let me tell you what the products claims to do. In 4 weeks the treatment reduces cellulite with a significant efficacy and improves the skin’s appearance. It helps reduces fat cells and cellulite, slows down fat storage, helps decongest the tissues of excess fluid; recommended for women who show signs of cellulite and women that want quick results against persistent signs of cellulite. You get 150 ml of product in a pump plastic bottle. The product was tested for four weeks and the instructions were followed blindly. My tester in general uses anti-cellulite creams and knows which ones work and which ones don’t. So here is her opinion.

Does Somatoline cosmetic anti-cellulite cream work?

The Somatoline cosmetic anti-cellulite treatment cream has a very pleasant scent and a light fluid with a non-greasy texture that is easy absorbed into the skin. You don’t have to massage the cream into the skin a lot unlike with some other brands and it’s excellent for busy people. Since the cream absorbs rapidly you can put on your clothes almost immediately after you run in the cream. After you apply the cream your kin has an almost smooth velvety feeling. When applying the cream you experience some redness and a tingling and warming sensation. If the cream is applied after you scrubbed your body and took a shower then expect the while sensation and redness to be more intense. Make sure to wash your hands after you are done. There was enough cream for the entire 4 weeks (I used it generously). A change was noticeable right after the first week, my skin felt tighter, more toned and my orange skin was less visible.

Somatoline cosmetic anti-cellulite treatment best cellulite cream review

Somatoline cosmetic anti-cellulite treatment beauty product review conclusion

To conclude this beauty product review of the Somatoline cosmetic anti-cellulite treatment cream, I would like to mention that I have used other anti-cellulite products and from all the products I honestly prefer this one because of it’s light texture, quick absorption and most importantly it didn’t require much massaging into the skin. As we all know, the true “cure” for cellulite is a proper diet and exercise, but this cream really did help and I highly do recommend it as the anti-cellulite cream right before bikini-season, the season when we can use all the help we can get. Overall this cream was quite a refreshing product in the anti-cellulite world and I would recommend it to other and I do plan on using it again.

Somatoline cosmetic anti-cellulite treatment cream review

Somatoline cosmetic anti-cellulite treatment cream reivew pictures



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