Today I’m showing you Silent Hill Bubble Head Nurse Halloween Makeup Tutorial, which is a super easy tutorial because you do not have to make that make. If you want to make the mask, which will take longer, you can do it on a balloon and then you can take that mask on and off. This Silent Hill Bubble Head Nurse tutorial is more for last minute people and the ones which lover to keep it on budget. I found that this was easy to do and quick fast to my surprise to be honest. One important thing is just make sure that you do not wrap the bandage on your head to strong or you will get a headache and you will feel sick or worse.

Silent Hill Bubble Head Nurse Halloween SFX Makeup Tutorial

Silent Hill Bubble Head Nurse tutorial

Silent Hill Bubble Head Nurse Makeup Tutorial, then you will enjoy my Silent Hill red nurse (Lisa Garland) makeup tutorial. She was my first character from the Silent Hill series. I also did another tutorial, which you should check out. It’s how to make the Silent Hill Bubble Head Nurse costume, which is very easy. You can add any details and make it as tight as you like. I personally do not like it to tight so this is why I make it a bit loose. Some might want to add blood to the dress but I opted not to, I think that I would have worked on the dress for three days which was too long if I wanted to add blood which wouldn’t stain my house. Read more about this costume in my DIY Silent Hill Nurse costume.