sigma brushes performance makeup brushes kit

sigma brushes performance makeup brushes kit

Sigma Performance Eyes Kit is coming out on March 5th 2012. Don’t for get to use my sigma brushes coupon. I am very much looking forward to this kit since I always want better and more performance ready eye brushes. I hope to be able to buy this kit, but I won’t find out the price until March the 5th. Sigma Brushes Performance Eyes Kit is for people like me that need and want precision. I want to be able to apply with precision any liquid, cream and powder products. I want to defined all areas of the eyes. So some might ask what is different with these brushes from the other eye makeup brushes that can be bought at Well as you can see these brushes are very much focused on precision. If you are a makeup artist, you are going to love the Performance Eyes Kit.

Sigma Brushes Performance eyes kit 

The Performance eyes kit  includes the following brushes, make sure to look at the picture above (listed left to right) to determine which brush is which. The new performance eyes kit includes 8 brand new brushes that will rock your world and make you want to get them. Ok so, in this Sigma brushes performance eyes kit you will get the following brushes: E11 Eye Liner, E16 Tightline Liner, E17 Waterline Liner, E21 Smudge Brush, E36 Blending, E46 Shader – Inner Corner, E56 Shader – Lid, E47 Shader – Crease. All the brushes are perfect for focusing on details and for defined makeup application. This makeup brush set is claimed to be a must have for advanced makeup artist. I must admit I really like how they look.

sigma brushes performance kit

New Sigma Brushes thoughts

The new sigma brushes look absolutely like something that is missing from my brush kit collection. After years of experience and working on all sizes of eyes, I usually get stressed when working with smaller eyes. Up until now I was forced to buy actual art brushes to get that precision that was missing from my makeup brush collection. The artist brushes that I have used were usually really expensive. I am so beyond happy that Sigma is coming out with this cool new eye makeup brushes. I am also happy that I just have an extra gift certificate laying around that I was holding on to to use when Sigma would release something that I was missing from my collection. I cannot wait to get this set and to put it to the test and compare it to my current artist and makeup brushes. I hope to get more than what I bargained for. The only thing I honestly worry about is the price. I really hope that the brushes won’t be too much out of my price range.

Sigma Brushes Coupon

If you do plan to get this set you are always welcome to use my Sigma Brushes Coupon and save 10% on your total before shipping. Remember when you spend more than $30 us dollars, you will automatically get a FREE makeup brush. The makeup brushes that people get is usually a small travel size blending brush. Click here to activate the Sigma brushes Coupon and use the current coupon code (click here to view). Also make sure to check out their current special deals and offer since on some products you can save up to 70% if not more on some items. Also if you order over $100 us you will get a FREE mini eyeshadow palette, when in stock. Make sure to use the Sigma brushes coupon to save 10%.

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