Using my Sigma Beauty January coupon code 2017 (promo coupons) get 10% and even 20% off. You can get these coupons, sales and promo codes 10%, 20%, 30% and even over 40% off on special sales and offers, which will help you save on your purchase on Sigma makeup and brushes. These are the discounts for Sigma brushes coupons until the end of the January 2017. Make sure to bookmark this page since I update this page daily with new coupons for Sigma Cosmetics. Below I will post in the first paragraph about the current coupon codes, then info on the current free gift and in the end other special offers and even if Sigma is offering free shipping for this month.


Take 10% off with this Sigma Beauty Coupons January 2017 (Promo Coupons), when you use the code visible on the banner make sure to press the code and then it will be activated and visible in your checkout, if it’s not automatically activated, then manually enter it at checkout). This offer is valid until the end of the month. A new Sigma coupon code will be up on the first of each month. To check out the SIGMA FREE GIFTS for this month make sure to scroll down the post and check out the offers and deals on the images posted. The offer usually focuses on orders with $30+, $50+ and $99+. You will get one of the unique Sigma deluxe gift with your purchase before shipping was calculated into the final prices.sigma beauty coupon 2015

Sigma beauty coupon Black Friday 2017

Get 20% off Sigma Brushes Coupon January 2017. Check the banner below. not only will you get savings on special sales and promo codes, but also you can refer a friend using the Sigma Beauty referral program and get $5 off with your next purchase, so make sure to referral your friend which plans to make a purchase anyway so you get $5 off. Each month Sigma has special sales and deals with their makeup and brushes. The SIGMA BEAUTY / BRUSHES / MAKEUP SALES 2017, up to 30% off and 40% off, are limited for this month only, each month there are new Sigma Beauty sales and new savings. I update this page daily, bookmark it! Free shipping is usually a special offer for some months, such as BLACK FRIDAY 2017 and other rare holidays and occasions. Sigma does offer free shipping for all US shipping, but I will update my blog and this post as soon as they offer is valid for international shoppers.

SIGMA COUPON January 2017

New Sigma Coupons for 2017 will be up on the first day of the month. Sigma usually sends the code in advance but does have a tradition of not offering the 10% discount for each month. It’s best that you do not risk it and take advantage for this current month. You get a free gift with all $30, $50 and $99 purchases, before shipping and taxes. The free items will not appear in your shopping cart, and if you do not receive it contact Sigma Beauty. The coupon code only works on sigma beauty. Check the expiration date, plus some coupons cannot be combined. 20% off sigma coupon code is offered most months on special offers and deals, check back on main page for the offer. Sigma Brushes offers multiple times a month a new coupons and I update them here and make new unique posts for special offers. Make sure to keep an eye out for new Sigma Brushes 2017 brushes and makeup releases.

Sigma Beauty Cyber Monday Coupon Code 2015

Sigma Brushes Coupon / Sigma Beauty Coupon FAQ

When can I expect the new 2015 10% off Sigma Coupon?

As soon as Sigma offers a new coupon for the February 2015, I will post it. Do keep in mind that Sigma doesn’t offer each month the 10% off coupon so it’s best to take advantage of the current offer to get the best saving.

Sigma coupon code does not work?

Each Sigma coupon has an expiration date and is valid only at, not at any other resellers, vendors or other sites such as amazon or ebay. Click on the banner, then at check out you should see the discount, if you do not, then try to re-enter the coupon code in the coupon box at checkout. 

When is the next 20% off Sigma Beauty Coupon?

Each Cyber Monday, Sigma Beauty offers a discount code for the entire site. Each month Sigma offers up to 30% and even 40% off on deals and special offers.

How long does it take for Sigma to ship to my location?

If you live within the US, it can take up to 1o working days. If you are located outside of the US, it’s best to contact Sigma Beauty for the more details, but it can take up to four weeks.

When can I expect a new Sigma Brushes coupons?

Sigma usually offers their 10% off at the beginning of each month. But also, throughout the month, sIgma coupons 2015 are offered at various dates. Bookmark my website to check out this page and my front page to see all the special offers and deals for this month. I update the new offers as soon as Sigma Beauty offers them.

Can I combine my Sigma Beauty coupon codes?

Sigma coupon codes in general cannot be combined unless I stress this in the banner or in the post above. Usually you can only apply one coupon code per order. No matter what coupon code you use, you will get the Sigma free gift with any coupon since it does not require a coupon code.

What is the Sigma Beauty free shipping coupon code for 2015?

Sigma Beauty offers free shipping for all US orders on $50+. There is not coupon required to activate this offer.

How to I become a Sigma Brushes reseller?

Make sure your contact Sigma Beauty if you are interested in reselling or selling Sigma brushes. Sigma Offers special offers for wholesale purchases. They also have a list for authorized resellers.

I have more questions! 

If you have any other questions concerning Sigma Beauty Brushes, Makeup, Sales, Coupons, discount and other inquiries. Then contact Sigma using their official website contact form to get the answers directly from Sigma’s staff.

Sigma Beauty Makeup Brushes & Makeup Reviews

Sigma Beauty Brushes & Makeup review, are commonly covered with each new Makeup Collection which Sigma releases. Sigma Beauty offers top quality makeup brushes which rate 5/5 stars. Sigma Beauty sells professional makeup brushes for affordable prices. Sigma Brushes are used by many makeup artist, such as myself. My kit contains 90% of Sigma Beauty brushes and are similar and comparable to MAC Cosmetics and Bobbi Brown brushes, while costing only a small portion of what they cost and are much better than the standard drugstore brushes. These brushes will last you as long as high end brushes, I speak out of experience. Sigma Beauty Cosmetics also offers amazing customer service for all your inquiries and needs. Sigma Beauty offers sigma coupon codes 2015 internationally including Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, UK, and Thailand.