Shu Uemura WKW Holiday 2011 Collection is here!
This year’s collection is a bit different than usual! There’s more glam, more elegance and sophistication. Ideal for the upcoming holidays. The Shu Uemura Wong Kar Wai (WKW) Holiday 2011 Collection was inspired by the legendary Hong Kong Film Director Wong Kar Wai (long for WKW). I personally love the banner above. The lashes look ravishing. Is it just more or a bit of glitter is a must during these Christmas holidays? Will you be getting anything from the Shu Uemura WKW Holiday 2011 Collection? 

Included in the Collection
  • Glitter Mascara ($30.00) (Limited Edition)
  • Lustrous Glow Powder ($55.00) (Limited Edition)
  • False Eyelash (Limited Edition)
  • Dance in Glitter ($75.00)
  • Jeweled Love ($27.00)
  • Rouge Unlimited ($26.00) (Limited Edition)
  • Mini Nail Duo ($32.00) (Limited Edition)
  • Flashing Gold Mini Brush Set ($69.00) (Limited Edition)
  • Brightening Cleansing Oil Advanced Formula ($80.00) (Limited Edition)
  • Eye & Cheek Palette (International Only, $85.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)
Picture Credit: Temptalia

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