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Running in High heels

This weekend in Croatia Women were running in High heels
This was a crazy even on the main square of Trg Bana Jelacica in Zagreb
This was the first time this kind of event happened.
The first place winner won 20,000 kn what is around $3,800 (what is a larger sum of money in this country)
Second place won 10,000kn = $1900
Third place won 7,000kn = $1,400
As much as I was informed this kind of “running in high heels” is a well known event in the EU.
I think your heels have to be at least 8 cm

here are a few pictures that I took and to view more of my pictures you can click on my flick link:

running in heels
The winners below

picture taken from; to view more pics of this event: 
and more pictures here: 
Enjoy 🙂 

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